How to Change Name in Google Pay Account in 2024 step by step

Hello friends, Is your name wrong in Google Pay account? Do you want to change name in Google Pay, then in today’s article we told you how to change name in Google Pay.

We always try our best to give right things to our readers. If you read this post step by step then you can easily change the name of your Google Pay account.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is an application that is commonly used to send or receive money. You can pay any type of bill through this app. Apart from this, you can buy the things you need by scanning the QR code in any store. In this, you can transfer money very easily and quickly.

When it comes to Google Pay, it performs very well. But some things cannot be changed in the settings given in it. In this, you can change your phone number, but if you have not given your name correctly in the beginning, then you cannot change it later from the settings of Google Pay.

So let’s know how to fix this problem.

How to Change Name in Google Pay?

If you go to the profile setting of Google Pay, you will not see any option to change your name. Rather you will have the option to change your number and email id.

So how can you change name in Google Pay, step by step is given below.

  • First, you have to log in with your Gmail account which is registered in your google pay.
  • After login, you can see your profile picture on the top right side of your mobile phone.
  • After clicking on that profile picture, you will see the option of “Manage Your Google Account” below it. you have to click in.
  • After that, your Google account will open.
  • After opening the Google account, you will see many options on it. From that, you have to click on the Personal Info option, which will show you the second option.
  • Clicking on that personal info option you will see the basic information of your profile.
  • Now you have to click on your name option and change your name.
  • After changing your name on your Google account, open the google pay app and check whether your name will be changed or not.
  • If your name is wrong in Google Pay as before, then you will have to click on the Settings option in Google Pay and click on Sign Out.
  • After sign out, remove Google Pay from background applications.
  • Then again open the Google Pay app and log in with your same mobile number. After putting your number you will see your correct name as your mention on your Google account.

If you follow these above steps, surely you can change your name on Google Pay account.

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Can I use GPay without bank account?

No, you cannot transfer or receive money with Google Pay without adding your bank account. Apart from this, you cannot pay in UPI as well.

What is the limit of GPay per day?

You can transfer Rs 100000 per day on Google Pay. If you want to transfer more then you have to wait for 24 hours.

Is Google Pay safe?

Yes, Google Pay is secure for transferring or receiving payments from others. It is built with very advanced security features. Basically, it was designed & developed by Google itself.


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