Importance of Permanent Memory of Computer & its Role in Computer?

Hello Reader, you all must be using computers, laptops, and mobile in your daily life. You will also store your personal data in them. It must have come to your mind what is the permanent memory of computer. How it works and what is its role in the computer.

That is why today we have explained in detail about the permanent memory of the computer in this article to clear your doubts. I guarantee that after reading this article your doubts about permanent memory will definitely be cleared. You will not need to find this topic on any other site.

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What is the permanent memory of computer?

Permanent memory in a computer is that memory which can store data in its storage for a long period of time. The data stored in it is not lost even when the power of the computer goes off. The user can store his data inside the permanent memory as long as he wants.

That is why permanent storage is also called non-volatile memory. On the basis of large storage in the computer, which you use such as Hard Drive, ROM, Pen drive, CD/DVD drive, etc. comes under permanent memory.


However, read-only memory is actually called permanent memory. This is because it is called the internal memory of the computer. Programs stored in ROM cannot be easily deleted.

Permanent memory is better in terms of data storage as compared to the temporary memory of computer. Some important programs or instructions of the computer are stored in ROM. It is used to control the booting of computers, control device drivers, and control various applications.


ROM is also known as a bios chip or flash memory. It is already programmed according to the motherboard and the processor installed in it. Permanent memory is installed in every computer or electronic device, which stores important settings like operating system files, application settings, and user settings.

How permanent memory of computer works

ROM is considered as the permanent memory in the computer. All the essential settings of the computer are stored in it. For example, computer booting stores the manual setting of the user and the driver settings of all external devices used in the computer.

If the computer is turned off, the instructions stored in it are not deleted like temporary memory. The instructions stored in this memory remain stored for a long time.

This permanent memory is also used in other electronic devices other than computers. Such as washing machines, microwaves, smart TV, mobile etc. The work of permanent memory is that It checks before starting the computer or other electronic device, whether all the parts in it are working properly or not.

If any parts are not working in it, then it shows on the display as an error. With this, the user running the computer gets to know what is the problem with the computer. For example, You all use computers. So, sometimes in your computer the error like no bootable device, or no boot device found, must have come at the time of starting the computer.

If your computer has such a problem, it may be because the operating system is corrupt, or the hard drive is not installed properly.

If any internal part is not working in your computer or laptop, then at the starting of the system, ROM detects that problem and shows it on the display.

Role of permanent memory in a computer?

Permanent memory plays a very important role in computer.

  • it provides sufficient memory to the computer.
  • The most important thing about permanent memory is that it is non-volatile memory. If the computer is suddenly turned off for any reason, the data stored in the permanent memory will not be lost.
  • This memory can store the user’s data for a long time.
  • It consumes very less power to run.
  • If there is any kind of problem with the computer, then it informs the user at the time of starting the computer.
  • Basically, it stores bootstrap information in it. Which helps to turn on the computer very easily.


What type of computer memory is permanent?

Secondary memory is usually the permanent memory of computer.

Is Ram a permanent memory?

No, RAM is not permanent memory. It stores the instruction given by the user for some time. As soon as that instruction is executed, RAM removes it from its storage. The data stored in RAM is automatically erased when the computer is turned off. That’s why it is called temporary memory.

Is ROM temporary or permanent memory?

ROM (Read Only Memory) is a permanent memory because it stores the instructions for a long period of time.

What is permanent memory example?

Example of permanent memory is ROM and permanent storage device examples are Hard Drive, Pen drive, CD/DVD drive, Memory card, SSD, etc.


I hope that after reading this article, you must have come to know about the importance of permanent memory of computer and the role of permanent memory. Generally, the computer’s permanent memory is capable of storing more data and storing it for a longer period of time.

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