Top 10 Basic Applications of Star Topology and Working Principles

Do you know the applications of star topology? Do you know about star topology advantages and disadvantages, and its working principle? If you do not know and want to know about star topology from Geherai then there is no need to worry. In this article, we have provided complete information on the applications of star topology, advantages and disadvantages and other topics of star topology.

Star topology is a network topology in which all nodes are connected to a single central hub or switch. Nowadays this topology is used in most places. In this, each node or each computer is separately connected to the central hub. This star topology is the most popular topology.

So without delay, let us know what is star topology, its use and its application of star topology in computer networks.

What is star topology?

In this star topology, each node is separately connected to a central hub or switch. This topology is named star topology because of its star-like design. Each node connected in this topology can communicate with each other with the help of a communication device located in the central part.

This topology is used in the local area network. Each node is physically connected to a hub or switch, ie through ethernet cables. Creating this topology is not a difficult task and its connection is easier than another topology.

10 Applications of Star topology

  • The star topology is used in local area networks.
  • The basic application of star topology is, that there are point-to-point connections between each connecting node and the central connecting device.
  • In order to improve communication, the communication device present in this topology helps to amplify and regenerate the data packets.
  • This topology is used in small places like schools, colleges, banks, government offices, airports etc.
  • In this topology, the HUB or Switch is used as the central or communicating device.
  • Star topology design is cheaper than the other topologies.
  • It is also easy to maintain.
  • If there is any kind of problem in this topology, then there is no harm in the whole network and in communications.
  • Small networks are made using this topology.
  • Due to this topology being used in the local area network, its speed is 100 Mbps.

Working principle of Star topology

In this star topology, all the computers or nodes are connected to a central device. Which is called a switch or hub. In this, all the nodes cannot communicate with each other directly. But communication is possible in this with the help of that central communicating device.

This central communicating device receives the incoming data from the sender and sends it to the correct destination. When a node sends data, first it reaches the central hub through the data cable. After that, the hub checks that data and sends that data to the correct receiving node. In this way, communication takes place in a star topology.

Co-axial cable, RJ45 connector, computer, laptop, twisted pair cable etc. are required for this communication.

In some networks, the hub is made the central communicating device and in some, the switch is made the central communicating device. In which the hub is made the central device, and when any node in that network sends data, the hub broadcasts that data. Due to this, the data reaches all the Connected Nodes.

But in the network where the switch is left as the central device, if any node sends data, then that data goes to the switch first. The switch checks that data and sends it to the correct destination. The privacy of data remains in this network.

Star topology Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of star topology

  • It is very easy to add any new node in this star topology.
  • Star topology is less expensive than other topologies.
  • It is very easy to detect errors in this topology because the connection that happens can be easily identified.
  • In this topology, new computers can be added and removed without affecting the entire network.
  • Star topology is easier to manage.
  • If one cable or device fails, the rest of the device is able to function.
  • It is easy to expand it.

Disadvantages of star topology

  • In star topology, more cables are required to connect the devices.
  • The setup of this topology costs more.
  • In this topology, more resources are required to run the switch.
  • If the switch gets damaged in this, then all the devices stop working and the network goes down.
  • This topology requires additional equipment.
  • If more devices are connected in this topology then its speed decreases.
  • There is a chance of damage to the LAN cable that is used in it.

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What is star topology?

It is a type of network topology in which all computers i.e. nodes are connected with a central communicating device called a switch or hub.

Where is star topology used?

This topology is basically used at houses, Banks, Schools, colleges, Government offices, etc.

How does star topology work?

If a computer sends data, then first that data goes to the Central Communicating Device i.e. Switch. That switch checks that data. After that, the switch checks the destination address of that data from the data packets and sends it to the destination.


This star topology is used to form a small network. If fewer nodes were connected to it, then its speed would be good. But connecting more nodes in this topology reduces the speed.

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