Top 14 Examples of Input and output devices of Computer

Do you know about the input and output devices of computers? Here I told about some examples of input and output devices which come under the basic principles of computers. These devices perform the function of giving instructions to the computer.

Earlier computers used to calculate in binary digits which are 0 and 1. But in today’s computer, many tasks are processed. Because of this, the input and output devices on the computer can be user-friendly, so it is made with the latest technology.

Many input and output devices are used in computers. Today in this article all the input devices and output devices used in the computer have been discussed. If you want to know about this then you have come to the right place. So without delay let’s start.

What is Input devices of computer?

All the devices through which the instruction is provided to the computer are called input devices. These are all types of electronic devices. Some of these are inbuilt in the computer, and some have to be installed externally in the computer or laptop.


Examples: Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Joystick, etc.

What is Output Devices of computer?

The user enters the data or instructions into the computer with the help of input devices. Generally, the computer processes the data and the device through which it shows the result is called the output device. It is also an electronic device.

output device

Examples: Monitor, Printer, Speaker, Projector, etc.

Examples of Input & Output devices of computer

Many types of input and output devices are used in computers. The functions of all the devices are different. So let’s know about some examples of input and output devices & their working system.


The mouse plays a major role in the operation of the computer. It is also known as a pointing device and is used to input information into the computer. Like drag and drop files, copy, paste, rename, delete, select, etc.

The mouse has 3 buttons which are the left button, right button, and scroll button. The function of the left button is to select or open any file and folder. Similarly, the function of the right button is to show properties, copy, paste, rename, and many more options of files or a folder. The scroll button helps to easily see the lower part of a document.

Below is an LED bulb that monitors the movement of the mouse pointer. For this reason, we can select, open or do any other work on the files or folders on the computer. There the LED bulb is called the sensor. Trackballs were used in the earlier mouse.

In today’s time, so many new feature mouse also come. They were all upgraded versions. In this, tasks like playing games, browsing are easily done. It actually looks like a mouse, hence it has been named a mouse


The keyboard is also a kind of input device. Without it, we cannot do any work on the computer. It is easy to type any document with the help of a keyboard. When we input data into the computer with the keyboard, that data is converted into binary form and then the computer receives it.

Earlier computers were large in size, in which the keyboard also came attached with the computer. As technology changed, the size of all of them also decreased. The keyboard also started coming separately.

The external keyboard used to come under the PS2 port earlier but now it comes with a USB port. Nowadays it comes without a wired keyboard which is called a wireless keyboard.


Any hardcopy or record book saved as a photo or document on the computer. For that, a scanner is needed. Because the scanner scans all these documents and stores them in the computer’s memory.

A light beam inside the scanner has to pass over the document. After that, the digital image of the document is displayed on the computer. In this, a technology called charged couple device is used. It converts a normal photo into a digital image.


The microphone is also an input devices of computer. In which we input sound and it converts into digital form and becomes an audio file in a computer. Generally, the microphone is used in video editing and recording audio in movie scenes. Its important job is to record audio.

Earlier computers used to calculate in binary digits which are 0 and 1. But in today’s computer, many tasks are processed. Because of this, the input and output devices of computer can be user-friendly, so it is made with the latest technology.

Nowadays, everyone uses a mobile phone. The microphone is connected to the mobile phone. When someone wants to talk to another person, here they can hear each other’s voice with the help of a microphone.


A joystick is an input device that is generally used for playing video games. Inside it is a trackball, which is used to move the lever. With this, you can play the game well.

The joystick has a variety of buttons. It’s useful to have different controls in each game. There is a USB cable in the joystick, which we can play games by plugging into the computer or gaming console.


A touchpad is an input device. Inside it is a graph-type surface and a sensor is installed in it. When someone’s body part is touched in it, the touchpad starts working. The touchpad works like a mouse. It is present on every laptop. Due to this, it becomes easy to move the pointer in the laptop.

A paperboard is located under the touchpad, which connects the touchpad to the motherboard. Whatever instruction is found in Touchpad, it immediately interacts with the processor and executes that work.


Nowadays, the craze of the touchscreen is very much. Because nowadays all electronic material is changing to the touchscreen. Everyone had a smartphone. Everyone gives instruction with the help of a touchscreen in our own smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. and it executes that instruction.

Due to the presence of a touchscreen, it becomes easy to control whatever device is there. It is used for controlling big machines.


The webcam captures a real-time image and sends that image to the computer. It is an input device because it captures the real-time image and shows it. Webcam is used in online exams, video conferencing, telephony interviews. Nowadays everything is online, so the use of webcams has increased.


Everyone living in the world has something in common, but everyone’s fingerprints are different. The man identifies him only by his fingerprint. This is a biometric device used to capture fingerprints.

Biometrics are used in many places. Like in the office, while making an Aadhar card, while withdrawing money, in an online exam, much more security personnel are at work.


The monitor is used to view the output from the computer. But today’s computer has many functions. That’s why it is used to monitor all that work. VGA cable is used to connect the CPU and the monitor to each other. But now the use of VGA cable has stopped. Currently using HDMI cable.

Earlier CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors were used. After that LCD (liquid crystal display) was used. Now LED (Light Emitting Diode) is used.


The printer is used for viewing digital images, text, documents by printing them on a normal page. For this reason, it is called an output device. Earlier printers are capable to print any document in black and white color format. but now these days, printers are going advanced. now it prints in different colors.

Examples of printers: Dot matrix printers, Leaser printers, Inkjet printers, Thermal printers, etc.


With the help of a projector, you can see anything on a bigger screen than a computer and TV screen. Generally, it has the ability to show anything on the white screen. It is commonly used at the time of giving presentations, in the classroom, in auditoriums and while watching movies.


The speaker is an output device. Generally, it is used to produce sound by connecting to a computer. It converts electromagnetic signals into sound. It produces sound waves by receiving input from a computer, TV, or any audio receiver.


A plotter is a type of printer. In which better graphics like banners, brochures, and pamphlets are printed.

Difference between input and output devices of computer

The input device accepts the user’s instruction and gives it to the CPU.Output device shows the result of executed data
It converts the user’s instructions into machine-level language.The output device displays the machine-level language in a user-friendly way.
It is not easy to give instruction to the computer without the help of input devices.Without the help of the output device, we are not able to see the result.
Operating an input device is a bit complex. because through input device coding and design work is done.Output devices are easier to operate than input devices. Because in this only result has to be shown on the screen.
For example Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Touchscreen, etc, For example Monitor, Printer, Plotter, Projector, Speaker, etc.


In conclusion, It is very important to have input and output devices in a computer. With the help of all these devices, we are able to operate the computer, and we can include the computer in our work.

I have told you about the difference between input and output devices & some examples of input and output devices of computer. I hope you have got a good idea about all these tools by reading this article. If you liked this article, then definitely share it on social media. Thank you.

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