USB Is Which Type Of Storage Device?

Hello Reader, today in this article we will know that USB Is Which Type of Storage Device? Generally, there are 2 types of storage devices in the computer, which we have come to know in the previous article.

We insert many types of devices into it. Such as a pen drive, mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, WIFI dongle etc. But today we will talk about USB is Which Type of Storage Device? Without delay let’s start MCQ.

USB Is Which Type of Storage Device?

  • Primary Storage
  • Tertiary Storage
  • Secondary Storage
  • Internal Storage

Answer: Secondary Storage


Whatever type of storage device we insert into the computer through USB, goes under the secondary storage device. Because after storing any data in secondary storage, it does not get deleted by shutting down the computer. Rather, that data is stored in that disk for a long time, until the user deletes it.

USB storage

Generally, the secondary storage device is called non-volatile storage. The full form of USB is Universal Serial Bus.

USB is made up of a plug-and-play interface that allows any external device to be connected to a computer. As you must know that pen drives or external hard drives are portable USB drives. which is connected to the computer via a USB connector.

Talking about the features of USB, its light and small size enable it to be easily carried anywhere. USB devices are of different sizes such as Mini USB, Micro USB, Standard USB etc.

Characteristics of USB storage device

  • The most important features of USB are its small size and lightweight. Because of this, it can be taken anywhere.
  • There is no software or any problem to connect the USB storage device to the computer. Because it is made of plug and play interface.
  • The data stored in it can be easily removed and it is very easy to insert new data.
  • USB drives can be used for multiple purposes like taking data backup, transferring data from one device to another etc.


Can USB be used as a storage device?

Yes, All USB storage devices are portable and can be easily connected to a computer through a USB interface.

What are the advantages of USB storage?

Talking about the advantages of a USB storage device, it is compact, easy to use and easily connected to all devices.


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