Can You Upgrade Graphics card in Laptop or not- Details Guide

Is your laptop’s graphics card not supporting new games? Can you Upgrade Graphics card in Laptop? If you want to play modern games on your laptop, then this thought must have come to your mind. If this is the case, then there is no need to worry. In this article, we will know in detail whether the graphics card can be upgraded in a laptop.

Talking about laptop, it is a compact device in which many electronic components are miniaturized and installed in a box. Due to this, the keyboard, mouse, motherboard, cooling fan, heat ink, hard drive, RAM etc. of the laptop are all smaller than the components found in the desktop.

Laptops are manufactured for various reasons, such as one for gaming, one for business purposes and one for education.

For business and education purposes, so much graphics are not required but for gaming laptop, graphics card is necessary. Every laptop company these days is selling them in the market by making them as small as possible. This shows that you cannot install any external components or devices as per your choice inside the laptop.

Most of the gamers use desktops for gaming but some also use laptops. As new technologies are being invented, the hardware of laptops gradually becomes old. The graphics card installed also makes it a bit slower to run advance software and morden games. This creates a question in the minds of those gamers that can I upgrade my laptop graphics card?

We are going to give the answer to this question in this article. So please read it till the end so that you can get the knowledge about it.

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When should you upgrade your graphics card?

Upgrading your graphics card is like giving your computer a turbo boost for gaming and graphics tasks. But the big question is when should you do this?


When Your Current GPU Struggles

While playing your favourite game, if you feel that the game is lagging, freezing or not giving good performance, then it may be time to upgrade the graphics card. As new modern games develop, Similarly, the demand for graphics cards is also increasing. If you want to play modern games in good framerate and smoothly in your system, then you should upgrade the graphics card.

Play the Latest Games

Every year new games with excellent realistic graphics are being designed by developers. To play and enjoy all these games, you will need the latest powerful graphics card.

If your system graphics card is not supporting current games or you are not enjoying playing them, it means that you should upgrade the graphics card.

Using Graphical Software

Graphics card is not required in computer or laptop to play casual games. Graphics cards are also used for graphics design, video editing and 3D modelling etc.

If you’re in a profession or hobby that relies on graphics performance, upgrading can increase your productivity and allow you to work on more complex and detailed projects without frustrating slowdown.

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Can You Upgrade Graphics card in Laptop?

The answer to this question is “No”. This is because the graphics card in every laptop is soldered or integrated into the motherboard. Which means it can’t be removed or replaced as easily as a desktop PC. Upgrade laptop graphics card is usually more complicated than upgrading components in a desktop computer.

Can We Upgrade Graphics card in Laptop

There are many components in the motherboard and they are all connected to each other. Components like capacitors, transistors, VRAM, resistors etc. However, nowadays laptop technicians convert graphical motherboards to non-graphical motherboards. But GPU cannot be upgraded.

If you decide to upgrade your laptop’s graphics card, you are wasting your money. The amount of effort and money you spend upgrading laptop graphics card will be worth the same money for a new upgradable motherboard.

This shows that upgrading the graphics card of a laptop is a very difficult or negligible task.

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Risks of upgrading laptop graphics card

Upgrading a laptop’s graphics card is not that easy. To do this you may have to face a lot of risks and you may also lose your hard work and money. Let us know about some main risks.

Compatibility Issues

Laptops are not designed to be as easily upgraded as desktop computers. The graphics card in laptops is often soldered to the motherboard, which means it should not be replaced.

Upgrading it can be technically challenging, and finding a compatible card that fits and works with your laptop can be a significant hurdle. If you do not take care of it, then the graphics card you install in the motherboard may not fit and may not even work.

Motherboard may be dead

Have you ever opened your laptop and seen how many components are installed in the motherboard and the invisible wires are scattered all around the motherboard.

If you want to upgrade laptop graphics card, then the GPU installed in it will have to be removed first and all the components related to it will also have to be changed. If even one of its components gets changed by mistake, the display in the laptop may stop working and the motherboard may also become dead.

All these things require very detailed work and the process of upgrading graphics card in laptop is not easy.

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Warranty Voidance

If you open the laptop while upgrading the graphics card, your warranty may get voided. Laptop manufacturers generally discourage users from making such hardware changes, and if something goes wrong during or after an upgrade, you won’t be able to get it fixed under warranty.

It is important to weigh the benefits of an upgrade against the potential loss of warranty coverage. You can only upgrade your laptop’s RAM, SSD and hard drive.


Can you increase VRAM in laptop?

No, you can’t increase the VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) of a laptop’s graphics card as easily as you can upgrade components like RAM or storage. VRAM is a dedicated type of memory that is physically located on the graphics card (GPU). Therefore, it cannot be user-upgraded.

How can I improve my laptop graphics?

You can improve your laptop’s graphics performance in several ways without upgrading the graphics card. Such as GPU drivers should be updated, close background applications, reduce resolution and check for better airflow. These are some points you should know to improve the performance of your graphics card.

Is 8GB of VRAM enough?

Whether 8GB of VRAM is enough depends on your specific needs and use cases. For everyday computing tasks, 8GB of VRAM is more than enough. You can run high-end games or professional applications like video editing, or machine learning at 1440p or 4K resolution smoothly with 8GB of VRAM.


Can graphics card be upgraded in Laptop? The answer is not possible to upgrade the laptop graphics card. If you do this then you will waste a lot of money as well as your hard work. Therefore, if you want to upgrade laptop graphics card, then you can go towards a desktop with the dedicated graphics card. Its advantage will be that later you can also upgrade the graphics card as per your wish.

I hope that after reading this article Can you upgrade graphics card in laptop, you would have got your answer. If you still have any kind of doubt in your mind then you can tell us. We will definitely solve your problem. If you liked this article then share it as much as possible. Thank you

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