6 Ways to fix Server IP address Could not be Found Error

The “server ip address could not be found” error is a common problem. This happens when you browse a website from your browser, then your browser cannot find the site associated with that domain name on the Internet.

Apart from this, this error can occur due to various reasons, including for DNS problems, incorrect browser settings or even for network issues. In today’s blog post, we will discuss 6 different ways to fix “Server IP address could not be found” error step by step.

If you follow this process step by step, then you will definitely be able to solve the problem. So without delay let’s get started.

How to fix Server IP address Could not be Found Error

People often face lots of errors while browsing with web browser. There are different reasons behind this. So, the Server IP address could not be found, if this problem is coming in your Chrome browser, then follow the steps given below.

#Step 1: Check the Website URL

The first step is to check whether the URL of the website you have opened in your browser is entered correctly or not. Many times it happens that by typing the wrong URL in the browser, the site does not open and shows server IP address could not be found error.

#Step 2: Check your Internet Connection

The first step in resolving the “Server IP address could not be found” error is to check your Internet connection. Make sure that your internet is working properly or not.

You can check whether your internet connection is correct or not by checking internet speed i.e. download speed and upload speed. There are many websites to check internet speed like Fast.com, Speedtest, Speakeasy, Speed one etc.

If the Server IP address could not be found the problem is happening by opening a particular website in your browser, then you can understand that there is some kind of technical problem with that website.

#Step 3: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, you may see “Server IP address Could not be Found” error because of cached data and cookies in the browser you are using. To fix this problem, you need to clear your browser’s cache data and cookies. Follow the steps given below to clear browser history and cache in Google Chrome.

Clear browsing
  • Open your browser and click on the 3 dots on the right side.
  • After clicking in 3 dots, you will get an option below “More Tools”
  • As soon as you move your mouse cursor over that option, you will get many options in it and you will have to click on Clear Browsing Data option. For a shortcut press: “Ctrl+Shift+Delete” apply for only Google Chrome.
  • After opening the browsing history, you have to click on the Advanced option.
  • Select the All-time option in the “time range” and click on the Clear data button given below.

After this process restart your browser and try accessing the website again.

#Step 4: Check Proxy Settings

If you have a normal broadband connection, then the system automatically detects the proxy for that. But if you use a Private IP address and run your net using proxy server, then it is necessary to put proxy in your system. For this, you have to follow the below setting:

proxy setting
  • Right Click on the internet icon which is shown on the toolbar on your computer.
  • Then click on Open network & Internet setting option.
  • After clicking that option network status is open.
  • In the left side column there will be an option named Proxy, then click on that option.
  • After that, you will see Manual Proxy Setup. In which you will have to enter the port number along with your proxy address by turning on the option.

#Step 5: Check IP Address & DNS Settings

If you use the Internet on your computer through a broadband connection or Wi-Fi, then you will not need to do this setting. Because with these connections, your IP address and DNS are set automatically.

But if you are using a private IP address, then you need to check whether the correct IP address and DNS address are put in your system. For this, you have to go for below setting:

  • Go to Open Network & Internet setting
  • Click on the ethernet option then click on the change adapter option which is on the right side of the window.
  • After that, right-click on ethernet and click on properties.
  • Double-click on IPV4 & set your system IP & DNS address.

#Step 6: Disconnect the internet connection

If none of the above steps works, try disconnecting your Internet connection and reconnecting it. Sometimes, restarting can fix network problems. If you have given internet connection to your computer through an Ethernet cable, then take out that cable from the computer for some time and then connect it.

After this, the Server IP address could not be found problem coming in your system will definitely be solved.


The “Server IP address could not be found” error can frustrate you. But if you follow the above steps, then you will definitely be able to solve this problem.

Always make sure that your internet connection is working properly in case of Server IP address could not be found problem. Also clear browser cache and cookies. While opening the website, check whether the URL is entered correctly or not.

I hope you have understood this article and you must have solved your problem. Still, if you have any doubt in your mind then you can tell us. We will definitely solve your problem.

If you liked this article then share it as much as possible. So that this information can reach every person struggling with such a problem. Thanks for reading this article.

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