6 ways to fix When a Computer Overheats & Reason behind it

Hello Reader, You all must be using a computer or laptop. If someday you do more work on your computer, then you will experience computer heat. Sometimes it would also happen that the computer or laptop starts getting overheated. So in today’s article, we will know What Happens When a Computer Overheats & How to fixed it.

When a computer or laptop is running it normally gets hot because it is a hardware machine. After all, when the computer starts, all its components also start working. Usually, some of the ICs in the motherboard of a computer or laptop get hotter than the rest of the components.

If all these ICs start getting too hot then the computer may get damaged. Because of this, the computer sometimes shuts down or restarts on its own. So let’s know what happens when the computer overheats, what the Reason behind Overheating and how to fix PC overheating.

What Happens When a Computer Overheats?

However, where the computer is located, there is a need for a cold atmosphere, that’s why AC is needed in that room. But in some places, computers are also used without AC. Which has a chance of heating up the computer.

Computer overheating

When the computer starts overheating, then only the parts and components of the motherboard stop working properly. Because of this the computer automatically shuts down or restarts.

You must have seen that when your computer gets overheated, then some or the other ICs in the motherboard get damaged and the computer does not turn on. When you take it to a computer shop, only then do you come to know that such a problem has happened.

When a computer gets overheated, only then do problems start in the hardware and software of the computer. Gradually the system starts slowing down. At some points, the computer starts getting blue screen errors or blue screen crashes.

The constant CPU heat damages the motherboard as well as other hardware components on the motherboard. Apart from this, when the CPU overheats, the slots of the motherboard heat up and the RAM, graphics card and all the other things in these slots gradually stop working.

If you do heavy work in a system every day and that system gets overheated, then you should know that the life of that CPU is very short.

In some extreme situations, the smile of CPU burning would be found. If you start ignoring these things, then slowly the CPU will start melting. After that, it will not be possible to repair that computer.

Why does the CPU overheating? Reason behind Overheating

There are multiple reasons behind CPU overheating. This problem can be caused by faulty hardware, poor temperature monitoring, and improper use of your computer.

One of the major reasons behind CPU overheating is the cooling fan not working and the heatsink not absorbing the heat from the CPU. Apart from this, due to the high temperature of the room in which the computer is located, the CPU gets overheated.

Most of the users work by keeping their laptops on the bed. Due to this, the CPU fan is not able to remove the heat from the laptop and the CPU starts overheating.

There are also computer users who do not clean their computers or laptop for years. Due to this, the dust of the environment accumulates in the computer. Because of this, the cooling fans are not able to remove that dust. This is also the reason for overheating of the computer or CPU.

If you play games or do other heavy work on a normal computer, then there is a chance of overheating your computer. That’s why nowadays more powerful PC is used for heavy work or playing games.

How to check the temperature When a Computer Overheats

There are plenty of applications available to check computer temperature. All these applications give a report on how all the parts of the computer are working and whether your computer or laptop is overheating or not. Below are the names of some applications. You can monitor your computer by downloading it for free.

6 Ways to Fix PC Overheating Issue

If you want to fix the overheating of your computer, then you have to check your computer thoroughly. Only then you will know the reason for the computer overheating. There are many ways to fix computer overheating. let’s know one by one.

  • Clean your Computer: If you want to save your computer from overheating, then every 3 months you have to clean your computer. You can do this work with a brush or a blower. By doing this, the dust accumulated in the computer gets removed and the components installed in the computer work well.
  • Ensure proper airflow:  Always set your computer in a suitable place where there is good airflow. With the help of the cooling fan, the heat trapped in the computer can come out and the cold air outside can go inside the computer. If you are using a computer, keep it in the right cabinet so that the parts of the computer can be safe. If you use a laptop, do not use it by keeping it on the mattress or your body. Because all the components that are in the laptop are installed in very little space. That’s why ventilation is needed in it. That’s why always use the laptop by keeping it in a flat place.
  • Check cooling fans running properly: A computer has 2 to 3 fans. One of these fans is mounted inside the SMPS, another is mounted on top of the CPU, and the third fan is mounted on the graphics card. All these fans should run smoothly once the computer is on. These fans expel the heat generated by the computer. Due to this, there is no problem of overheating in the computer. If this doesn’t work, the computer may have an overheating problem.

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  • Check the heatsink: If your computer is overheating, check the heatsink installed in it, so that you will know whether it is properly fitted or not. It is made of aluminium, so it absorbs the heat from the CPU. If it is not kept in the right place then there is a chance of computer overheating.
  • Apply thermal paste: There are 2 or 3 ICs in the motherboard where thermal paste needs to be applied. Because these ICs get hotter than all other ICs. That’s why it is necessary to apply this thermal paste on all those ICs every 1 year.
  • Remove Unwanted software & files: You must have seen that while browsing the internet, when you click on any place, unwanted software gets downloaded and temporary files are also generated from it. Due to this computer got hung and gradually its process got slow. That’s why you should always keep removing unnecessary files and unwanted software from your computer. Otherwise, there can be a problem of slowing down as well as overheating the computer.


What causes overheating of a computer?

There can be so many reasons for the computer overheating. Among them, the cooling fan is not working properly, there is no air flow inside the computer, unwanted files are stored in the computer, the computer is not cleaned properly, etc. are the causes of overheating.

What Happens When a Computer Overheats?

When the computer overheats, there are many problems in it, such as the computer is automatically shut down, showing a blue screen error, and after some point, the CPU starts burning smile.

Can overheating destroy your PC?

Yes, when the computer overheats, some of the components on the motherboard burn up. Due to this, there is a chance of computer destruction. Apart from this, due to the overheating of the computer at an extreme point, the smile of CPU burning is known. If that computer user ignores it, then the CPU starts melting. In that case, it becomes impossible to repair the motherboard of the computer.

How do I fix PC Overheating?

To save your computer or laptop from overheating,
· Deep clean every 3 months.
· Whether the fan inside the computer or laptop is working properly or not, has to be checked.
· The computer or laptop will have to be serviced every year.
· Proper airflow is happening inside the computer or laptop or not, it has to be checked and fixed.
· Unwanted programs and files have to be removed from the computer.
· The heatsink is properly installed on the CPU or not and it has to be checked whether it is working properly or not.
· Thermal paste has to be applied over each glass ICs.
Keep all these things in mind only then your computer will be safe from overheating.


The overheating of the computer is a very harmful thing for the computer. Due to this, there is a chance of getting damaged parts in the computer. Nowadays, this problem has become a common problem because everyone keeps doing some work by keeping their laptop in bed or anywhere. Due to this, the airflow could not be done properly and the laptop would be overheated.

We have told in detail all the points of how to overheat a computer or laptop. By following it, you can also keep your computer fine.

Through the article “What Happens When a Computer Overheats & Reason behind Overheating”, we have explained well how the cpu overheating and pc overheating solutions. If you are facing any kind of problem with your computer then you can tell us. We will try our best to solve your problem.

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