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Today, through this post, we will learn about the features of computer. It is expected that all of you will know about the fundamentals of computers and also about all its generations. Nowadays we use computers everywhere. Some use the computer for office work, some for playing games, some for video or graphic designing, and for content playing. Computers are used in many places for different tasks.

The basic working mechanism of a computer is that it consists of 3 types of units. Input Unit, Processing Unit, and Output Unit. Usually, the computer first takes instruction from the user through the input unit. After that process that instruction by the processing unit. Finally, the result of that processed instruction is displayed in the output unit like a monitor, or projector.

Behind doing all these tasks, the features of computers have a big contribution. Without these features, the computer cannot run. So let’s know about the features of computer.

Top 12 Features of Computer System

Whatever work the computer does, it has been possible because of all these features. Today whether it is a low-capacity computer or a high-capacity computer, these characteristics are used in all. Let us know how many types of characteristics of computer system.

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If you start doing math or any calculation, then it takes some time to solve it. But the computer is such an electronic device that all kinds of calculations are done in a few seconds. Because the computer is a super fast machine.

You have come to know that computers do more calculations than humans. The processing speed of a computer is measured in Hz units. Apart from computer calculations, other things like running a program, playing a video or song, doing any editing, etc. do very fast work. The type of instruction that the human gives to the computer, the computer produces the result by doing it as fast as possible. Therefore, speed is considered an important features of computer.


If you do any task, then some error goes out of it. But if we give any kind of task to the computer, then without any error, it gives us the result of that task without any error. That’s why it is said that there is accuracy in the work done by the computer.

Accuracy is another characteristic of a computer. Any calculation we do on a computer is absolutely guaranteed that it will be 100% accurate. When the command given by the user is wrong then the computer gives the wrong result and that command is an error, so the computer shows an error in its display.

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Automation means here that a computer is an automatic machine because once it starts doing a task, then the computer stops only after that task is over.

When a user inputs his data into the computer, only then the work of the computer starts. When data or instruction is input, then the computer automatically processes that instruction and gives the result to the user. The user does not have to do anything through that process.


We all know that computers perform different tasks in many places. That’s why it is also called Versatile Machine. This means here that the computer is used in every place only to do a task quickly and efficiently.

Computer devices are commonly used for different purposes in schools, hospitals, businesses, government organizations, railway stations, airports and homes. This does not mean that if there is a computer in the school, then only the calculation will be done. It is not so, you can also put entertainment songs or videos for school children in it. Different tasks can be done simultaneously on a computer. Therefore, Versatility also comes in one type of the main feature of a computer.

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The user can increase or decrease the storage capacity in the computer as per his requirement. Due to the storage facilities in the computer, the user can store any type of document for as many days as he wants. The storage capacity of a computer is measured in Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (MB), Gigabytes (GB), and Terabytes (TB).

It has more storage capacity than any other electronic device. In earlier computers, floppy drives were used for storage, and then hard disks, CD drives and DVD drives were used. Currently, SSD (Solid State Drive) is being used on every laptop and computer. Due to the use of semiconductors, it runs faster than other storage devices.


The computer has always been like a reliable machine. That’s why people trust computers more than themselves. For this reason, today big organizations, institutions and companies are dependent on computers for their work.

This is the reason why people trust so many computers that the work was given to computers, they work without stopping and give results in a short period of time.

Reliability is a great features of computer. If we are made to work continuously for 12 hours, then we cannot do it. But if the computer is kept working continuously, then there will be no problem with it. It will easily do all the work.

Computers can keep your data stored permanently. It does not share your stored data with anyone else without your permission. Having this automatic machine also requires your permission. That’s why everyone trusts the computer.

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If you want to provide security to the data kept in you, then the computer helps you with this. Providing security is another characteristic of computer system.

Through this feature, you can give a password to your computer. So that no one else can open your computer and the data is safe. Similarly, there are viruses on the Internet or in a Pen drive. By inserting it into the computer, there is a possibility of entering the virus into the computer. For that, the Antivirus or Anti Malware in the computer does not allow that virus to enter the computer.

If some of your important data is in the computer and you do not want to show it to anyone else. In this, the computer also gives you the option to hide. With this, you can hide your data.

Apart from this, you can also encrypt your data. With this, you will change the format of your data. This will benefit you if someone accesses your data but he will not be able to read that data. So that the data will be safe.


As I have already said that if you are asked to work 24 hours, then you cannot do it. And you will get tired, but if the computer is given to work for 24 hours, then it will not get tired. He will easily do all those tasks. If the user gives instructions to the computer to do a task, then the computer does it non-stop and executes that task without any fault.

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Multitasking is one of the great characteristics of computer system. The reason for this is that if the computer is given to do multiple tasks at the same time, then it can do it. That’s why the computer is also called a multitasking machine.

For example, if you are working on an Excel sheet. After some time If you get bored then you play music and after relaxing a little, you start doing both things together. Otherwise, you can run many other applications on the computer at the same time.

Many times, you download some file or software while browsing the internet. At the same time, you keep browsing the internet and whatever you put in the download also keeps running. So that your work becomes easy.


In computers, we can share our data from one computer to another. With the help of sharing facility, you can send data to a pen drive, external hard disk, or another computer.

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Remembering power

We all know that the storage capacity of computers is much more than other devices. Having a computer can store different types of data in storage for many days. If a user wants to find some important data from his computer, then he can easily get that data. This is only possible because of remembering the power of the computer.


Giving more tasks to the computer does not reduce its efficiency. Rather, it performs all those tasks with the same efficiency. Even if they are given millions of instructions to execute, they are able to execute them all with the same speed and efficiency.

The processing speed and efficiency of a computer depend on its processor. The better the processor, the better the computer shows its performance.


All these features mentioned above help the computer to perform well. A computer is nothing without all these features. Through this post, I have provided complete details about the features of computer. I hope you all have understood about the characteristics of computer system.

If you have any doubts at any point then you can ask us without any worries. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. If you liked this post, then share it with as many students as possible. So that such informative information can reach all the students.

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