More RAM or Better Graphics Card- Which is Better for Gaming?

If you are going to build or buy a gaming PC, then this question must be coming in your mind whether to install More RAM or better Graphics Card in the PC, Which is Better for Gaming? If these questions are coming in your mind then today in this article we are going to clear your doubts.

Actually, RAM and graphics card are two different devices installed in the computer which help in improving the performance of the computer. The work of both of them is different. But when it comes to playing games on a computer, both are required. So let us know which is better for playing games, more RAM or better graphics card.

Importance of RAM in Computer

RAM is one of the major parts of the computer. It helps the CPU to easily perform the tasks which are processed in the computer. Full form of RAM is called Random Access Memory. It is a short-term memory which stores data which is currently being processed in the CPU.


Whatever software or applications you run in your computer, they all run with the help of RAM. If the computer has sufficient RAM then it runs smoothly when any application is run. But if the capacity of RAM is less then the computer struggles while running the application.

It performs faster reading and writing compared to other computer memories like hard drives, SSD etc. This is because RAM is designed to access data randomly, allowing data to be read or written in the correct order. Therefore, if the computer has to perform multitasking and heavy tasks, then it is necessary to have sufficient RAM in the system so that the CPU can quickly access the data and execute it.

Operating systems like Windows, MacOS, and Linux etc. require a significant amount of RAM to run efficiently. They use RAM to store system files, hardware resources etc. Apart from this, applications running in the background are also stored in RAM.

RAM plays an important role in the performance and efficiency of the computer. All the tasks you do in a computer like multitasking, running applications, loading the operating system etc. are done smoothly due to RAM. Therefore, it is important to have enough RAM for everyday computing tasks or computers that demand high memory usage.

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Importance of Graphics card

Graphics cards are used to perform graphical tasks like gaming, video editing and graphics designing. These graphics cards play a primary role in enhancing the visual experience of the user. Nowadays, all the modern games being developed require a graphics card to play them.

Nowadays, modern GPUs support high resolution displays i.e. 4K and 8K resolution. This allows the user to perform graphical tasks in a better way. The GPU ensures a better frame rate resulting in smoother gameplay. Apart from this, when the graphical task is done on a normal computer, the picture is cracked. But with the use of GPU, this tearing and stuttering is much less.

Modern graphics cards have multiple cores that help small characters and scenes run smoothly while playing games. This makes the user feel like playing a realistic game.

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More RAM or Better Graphics Card Which is Better?

When every user goes to buy his computer, he has a doubt in his mind, which one should I install more RAM or better graphics card in my computer? Which one can prove better for me? So, the answer is that for the purpose for which you are assembling the computer or buying a branded system, that work can be done easily.

If you want to buy a computer to play modern games or hypergames, then the main thing is the need to install a better graphics card in it. It is not that RAM is not required in it, but a dent capacity of RAM is also required.

Actually, all the components installed in the computer are equal to each other. It is not that components of more or less capacity are installed. Let me tell you that if you buy an i5 processor then you have to install 8 GB or 16 GB RAM with it.

This is a combination, because if a high-capacity processor is installed and a low-capacity RAM is installed, then the system will not work properly. Similarly, if you install a low-capacity processor and use high-capacity RAM, the system does not perform properly. Therefore, components of equal capacity are always installed in the system.


When it comes to graphic designing, video editing or gaming, a better graphics card adds to it. But in this too, depending on what type of game you are playing and what type of video you will be editing, there is a need to install a decent amount of RAM and processor in the system.

The visualization that comes in gaming and the game looks realistic is due to the graphics card. Similarly, a graphics card is also required in video editing and graphics designing. The graphics card has full support for better designing the video you are editing in 4K or 8K resolution.

By now you might know which is better, more RAM or a better graphics card.

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How much RAM Is required for a gaming PC?

When it comes to determining how much RAM a gaming PC needs, it depends on what resolution you’ll be playing the game at and how you set its settings to play better. Therefore, the amount of RAM required in the system according to what type of game is to be played and in what resolution.


Playing modern games requires at least 8GB of RAM. This allows a high-resolution game to run in 1080p resolution. But if your game consumes even higher resolution i.e. 1440p or 4K or 8K then you can go towards installing 16GB RAM in your computer.

However, a gaming computer must have a graphics card. It takes over all the tasks related to graphics so that RAM can do other tasks. This also increases the performance of the computer. Every graphics card has a VRAM that stores and processes graphical tasks.

If heavy games are played on a graphics card with low VRAM, then the graphics card depends on RAM. So, the RAM helps the graphics card to process those graphical tasks. This may delay the ongoing work on the computer.

Therefore, while buying a gaming PC, it is important to keep in mind that it should use a minimum of 8GB RAM and a graphics card with better VRAM.

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Does GPU clock speed matter for gaming?

Yes, GPU clock speed matters for gaming. But this does not mean that it is not the only factor determining performance. Clock speed is usually measured in Mhz (megahertz) or Ghz (gigahertz) units. With this unit, how fast the GPU can process and execute data can be determined. The higher the clock speed, the faster the GPU can render frames.

Along with clock speed, other factors also play an important role in increasing the performance of GPU. Such as CUDA cores, VRAM, architecture efficiency and cooling systems. A GPU with a slightly lower clock speed may outperform a GPU with a higher clock speed in gaming scenarios with more cores and more VRAM.

Therefore, along with GPU clock speed, other factors are also responsible for better performance in gaming.

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What is the primary function of RAM in a computer?

The main use of RAM i.e. Random Access Memory is to store the data being processed in the computer and to provide quick access to those data to the CPU. It stores that data in its storage only at the time of processing and deletes it after execution.

Does more RAM improve gaming performance?

More RAM can be helpful in playing small games. Nowadays modern gum cannot be run by Ram. This requires a graphics card. Extra RAM can easily handle most of today’s computer tasks except modern graphical tasks. If you want to improve gaming performance, a better graphics card can do it.

Will upgrading RAM improve my FPS in games?

Yes, upgrading RAM can improve FPS. Especially if your system previously had insufficient RAM.

What does a graphics card do?

A graphics card (GPU) is responsible for rendering images, videos, and animations to a computer’s display. It automatically processes and executes all the graphical work done in the computer. Due to this, the CPU can easily do all the other tasks running in the computer. GPUs are generally designed to perform graphical tasks only.

What is VRAM and why is it important?

VRAM (Video RAM) is the memory used by GPUs to store image data and textures. This is important for gaming and other graphics-intensive tasks because it allows the GPU to access this data immediately. Because of this you can play high resolution games better way.


Using more RAM or a better graphics card in a computer are two different things. If the system has less RAM as per CPU then you can increase it. This more RAM can be helpful in doing the work done by the CPU more quickly. But installing a better graphics card in a computer means increasing the gaming performance.

I hope that after reading this article you would have understood that more RAM or better graphics card, which is better for gaming? Apart from this, you must have known about the importance of RAM and importance of graphics card in the computer. If you still have any kind of doubt regarding RAM or graphics card, then you can ask us. We will try our best to clear your doubts.

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