Basic requirement of temporary memory of computer & its functions?

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What is temporary memory of computer?

The meaning of computer’s temporary memory, in which data or information is stored temporarily and after some time it is removed. This temporary memory of computer is called Random Access Memory which we all know by the name of RAM.

When the computer is turned off, all the information stored in RAM is automatically deleted. That’s why it is called volatile memory or temporary memory. Any information is stored in it for a very short period of time.

Temporary memory is also called primary memory. It helps the processor to process the data or information and stores that data in its storage while it is being processed.

This temporary memory is faster than all other memory, so it is used in the processing unit of the computer. It helps in processing a task fast and in increasing the speed of computer. However, the storage capacity of temporary memory is less than others.

Functions of temporary memory in computer

Random access memory is also called temporary memory. It is installed in the motherboard near the processor. This temporary memory stores the instructions given by the user in its storage and provides sequentially to the processor to process it.

Because of this RAM, the instruction is processed in the computer. Apart from this, the RAM displays the things running in the computer on the monitor. Nothing is visible in the monitor if it is damaged.

The role of this temporary memory ie RAM is very important in a computer. If more capacity RAM is installed in the computer, then it becomes easier for your computer to run big software like video editing, graphic designing software, Games, etc.

When the computer’s permanent memory is full, we have to empty it, but this memory is automatically able to fill and empty its own storage.

Even if the user inputs 2 tasks into the computer, these two tasks are first stored in the RAM. Ram gives it to the processor one after the other to process. As the processor executes the instruction, in the same way the storage of RAM also becomes empty. The rest of the storage parts of the RAM are used to run the computer.


Which is temporary memory RAM or ROM?

RAM is called the temporary memory of the computer. As it stores the instruction for some period of time, after that it erases the instruction.

Is ROM the Temporary Memory of a Computer?

No, ROM is not a temporary memory. It is a permanent memory as it stores the data for a long period of time.

What is the example of temporary memory?

RAM is the example of temporary memory.

What are the 2 types of memory?

Computer memory are 2 types. Primary memory and Secondary memory.


After all, you all must have come to know that, what is the temporary memory of computer and the functions of temporary memory. From running the computer to executing the program, RAM always helps the processor. This improves the performance of the computer and remains capable of doing any work.

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