7 Major Applications of Computer Networks use in Various Field

Today everyone connects more than one electronic device like a computer, mobile, laptop etc. through the computer network. But do you know about the application of computer networks? If you do not know, then in today’s article we have talked about the 7 major applications of computer network.

If you have come to this article looking for information about computer networks, then you have come to the right place. You will get complete information about computer network here and the doubts coming into your mind will also be cleared.

In today’s time, it would not be wrong to say that the computer network is the biggest network in the world. Everyone is part of this computer network. No person can live without the internet today. Everywhere, every time everyone needs internet.

That’s why we have told about 7 important applications of computer network in this article.

What is meant by a Computer Network?

Computer Network means connecting two or more things together. Similarly, if we talk about computer network, then electronic devices like computers, laptops, mobiles etc. have to be connected to the network.

In this computer network, Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, optical fibre cable, etc. are used to connect different computers and laptops to each other. Nowadays Wi-Fi facility has become available on every electronic device. With this, all devices can be connected to the network by connecting it to Wi-Fi.

In earlier times, if a person had sent a message to another person, they had to use letters. In this process, the message used to reach the receiver person very late. But in the computer network, as soon as the sender sends his message to the receiver, that message immediately reaches the receiver.

It has become so easy to operate computer networks that everyone from children to elders knows how to use them.

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7 Applications of Computer Network

Computer networks support many applications. Some of the important applications are mentioned below.



Nowadays everyone is able to communicate only through computer networks. Everyone is able to do email, video calls, messages, etc. due to the computer network. Using this, you can easily communicate with your relatives living far away. It involves communication through text, voice and video.

Nowadays, whatever may be business or official work, everything is possible with the help of this network. Be it the inauguration of any project, or making a big deal with a company in the business, it all happens through communication on the internet.

Remote Access

With the help of computer network, you can access another user’s computer by taking it the remote. With this, the data of that user’s system can be updated or deleted.

Due to this remote application of computer network, you can access the database in the cloud. Like booking your ticket on any booking site like a train ticket, flight ticket, movie ticket, hotel booking etc. To do all these bookings, we can access data from its database by entering another site.

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Information and Resource Sharing

Information Sharing

We send our data to other users through computer networks. Earlier, any important data was sent through fax or through the post. But nowadays everyone knows how to use messaging platforms like email, WhatsApp etc. Nowadays any message or information is shared through these mediums.

Due to this application of computer network, one piece of information can be sent to multiple users at a time. This facility is available on different platforms. If we want, we can store our data in the cloud and access it whenever we want and share it with each other.

Saving Storage space

With the use of a computer network, all our work is completed on the Internet itself. For that, the storage in our computer is not used. This prevents the storage of the computer from getting full.

Whatever we search in the network or exchange information, it all remains stored in the cloud. This has the advantage that that information can be accessed from anywhere. It is not that it should be accessed from a particular computer only. It does not use computer disks to store information.

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Social Media

Social Media

In today’s time, the craze of social media has increased a lot. This has been possible because of computer networks. Basically, Everyone remains active on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and can get information about the news.

In social media, everyone shares the news of the world in text format, video format or photo format. It would not be wrong if it is said to be social media a better example of computer network.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

These days everything is available in the online market. Various types of business and commercial transactions have been made possible online using computer networks. This is known as e-commerce. Through it, users and organizations can buy or sell items, pay various types of bills, pay taxes, transfer funds and manage investments electronically.

Software Management

All the software that is used in today’s time, all of them remain updated from the internet. Features are added when the software is updated. There is a huge contribution to the application of computer network behind this update.

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What are the benefits of computer networks?

Computer networks provide many benefits, including.
To facilitate communication between users.
Sharing resources like internet connection with all the networking devices.
Improving efficiency by enabling centralized data storage and management.
Users are able to share their knowledge and doubts on the internet.
Enabling remote access and mobility for users to work from different locations.

How do computer networks support Internet connectivity?

The main purpose of computer network is to provide Internet connection to the user. Internet service providers (ISPs) typically provide connectivity through routers, switches, and modems. With this, the user can avail online services like communication, browsing, sending mails and can easily share his/her knowledge with the people all over the world.

What are the most common uses of computer network?

Computer networks have many uses. The most important among these are Communication, File Sharing, Internet Access, Resource Sharing, Remote Access, and Collaboration.


In today’s article, we have talked about the important applications of computer networks. I hope you all must have understood. If you have any doubt regarding this article, then you can tell us. we will definitely solve your problem.

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