Top 6 Reasons Why do Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life?

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Why Do Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life? This question must be coming in the mind of every gamer. If you are a gamer and you have a gaming laptop, then you must be charging your laptop while playing games. Because there is a doubt that the battery of the laptop may run out while playing the game.

Every gaming laptop company stresses that their laptops have ultra-speed processors, graphics cards that support high resolutions, and more memory RAM. But do not give information about its battery in so much detail. All of you must know that there is some good in anything, then there is some bad in it.

This means that in order to provide better performance, it reduces battery backup. So, let’s know the reason for gaming laptops bad battery life and the reasons behind this problem.

Why do gaming laptops have bad battery life?

Usually, a normal laptop and a gaming laptop look the same. When both are turned on together then the difference between the two is known. In a normal laptop, normal hardware components are installed to perform the required work. But gaming laptops are a different matter.

Gaming Laptops Bad Battery Life

It is generally designed to perform high-performance tasks. Such as playing games, designing graphics, designing animation of a video, etc. Let’s take a look at the gaming laptop hardware that causes their poor battery life.

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High-Performance Processor

One of the main reasons why gaming laptops bad battery life is the high-performance processors used in them. To keep up with the increasing demands of modern games, these laptops are loaded with powerful processors. While this component helps to create a fantastic gaming experience, they also use a lot of power, which can quickly drain the battery.

High-performance processors appear to be an essential component for gaming laptops. As a result, the laptop can better imitate a high-end gaming experience. For instance, the most common CPUs in gaming laptops are the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, the Intel Core i7-11700H, and the AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX.

These CPUs improve the laptop’s gaming performance and multitasking capabilities. It consumes more power as a result of its better performance. As a result, the battery drains fast, causing the battery’s backup time to be utilised.

High-performance processors actually have the potential to drain laptop batteries more quickly due to their power-hungry nature. In order to balance performance and battery life, laptop users should apply power-saving techniques when completing less demanding activities. Using energy-efficient settings, reducing background operations, and improving power planning are a few examples.

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Graphics Processing

Generally, two types of graphics cards are used in laptops. Like Integrated Dedicated Graphics Card. Normal laptops have an integrated graphics card (iGPU) built into the CPU. It’s perfect for handling basic everyday graphics work like framing images, video editing, playing casual games and simple word processing.

Graphics Processing

Integrated graphics cards generate less heat, and use significantly less power, than dedicated graphics cards. A typical laptop’s battery life is increased by doing this. These graphics cards, however, have trouble with graphical jobs like AAA gaming and expert graphic creation.

On the other hand, gaming laptops that have dedicated graphics cards can usually handle detailed images and complex textures with ease. Because of this, they produce more heat and consume more power.

Even though dedicated graphics cards boost graphics significantly, they are notorious for draining laptop batteries quickly. This results in reduced battery life of gaming laptops.

CPU High-Speed Fan

You must all be aware that a CPU fan is placed to prevent overheating of the CPU. The laptop has a little fan inside of it because of its small dimensions. One fan is sufficient for cooling the heat produced by the CPU in a normal laptop. However, this fan alternates between being off and being on.

A gaming laptop, however, places extra strain on the fans. Such laptops have powerful processors and graphics processing units (GPUs), which produce a lot of heat. High-speed fans control this heat output. The laptop fan consumes 5-volt power. In order to prevent the high-speed processor from overheating, the battery life must be decreased.

RGB Light of Keyboard

RGB Light of Keyboard

You must have seen in most of the gaming laptops that their keyboards have RGB lights. Which helps to work in the dark. This is a better option. But it helps in draining the laptop battery quickly.

Even though this backlight keyboard does not consume more power like other power-consuming components. But this contributes to the poor battery life of gaming laptops.

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Unnecessary applications running in the background

Another main reason gaming laptops bad battery life is using unnecessary applications on your laptop. Whether it is a normal laptop or a gaming laptop, every computer user keeps many applications installed on his laptop. Some of them are necessary and some are unnecessary. Some of these applications run in the background when the laptop starts. However, you have not run that application.

This application running in the background drains the battery very quickly. Due to which, the power drain of the battery keeps happening and you do not know. Therefore, if possible, uninstall all the unnecessary applications that you have installed on your laptop immediately.

Louder Speaker

There should be a good loudspeaker while playing the game. This makes the game very exciting. All laptops have a speaker, like some have a good loud speaker and some have a normal speaker.

A louder speaker consumes more power as compared to a normal speaker. Which is installed in a gaming laptop. A speaker usually consumes power from 10w to 25w. If you want to save your battery from this, then use a good Bluetooth headphones. Which will help you to play a better game.


Gaming laptops have bad battery life is a way of taking revenge for the fantastic gaming experience they offer. Their advanced capabilities, high-performance components, and processing-intensive graphics all contribute to a faster battery drain than normal laptops. Manufacturers are making progress to increase the energy economy as technology develops while keeping up with what gamers desire.

Gaming laptops are an excellent choice for those who value flexibility and robust gameplay. But gaming laptops require careful use and knowledge of charging technology.

I hope that by reading today’s article “Why do Gaming Laptops Have Bad Battery Life”, you must have got information about why the battery drains so fast in gaming laptops. Even after reading this, if you have any doubt in your mind, then you can feel free to ask us. We will try our best to solve your doubt.

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