16 Best Examples of Computer Hardware-Computer Part Name

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Due to all the Computer hardware components installed in the computer, today the computer is capable of doing different types of work. Therefore, in today’s post, we will learn about examples of computer hardware, various types of hardware and computer part names which are used in computer systems.

If you have any kind of confusion related to computer hardware then read this post. If you read it carefully, then you will understand about the types of computer hardware and its examples. After reading this you will not need to read any other article.

So, without delay let’s get started.

What is Computer Hardware

The computer runs on 2 things. One is hardware and the other is software. Computer hardware is a kind of physical component Which means they can be touched and seen. A computer is made up of many hardware components. Each component has a different function.

Hardware is the internal and external components of a computer system and enables the computer to function. Examples of computer hardware include the CPU, motherboard, memory, hard disk drive, graphics card, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Computer hardware is necessary for a computer to perform any task. It is mandatory to have software to employ these hardware components in any work. The performance and capability of a computer depend to a large extent on the hardware components used in the computer.

Upgrading or replacing hardware components can increase the performance of a computer to a great extent. With this, high-quality software will be easily supported on that computer.

So, let’s know about some examples of computer hardware and the types of hardware installed in the computer system that increase performance.

Types of Computer Hardware

There are two types of computer hardware commonly used in computers.

  • internal hardware
  • external hardware

Internal hardware is the hardware that is installed inside the computer and helps it to function. Like CPU, Hard Drive, RAM, ROM, Motherboard etc.

External hardware is the hardware that is installed on the external parts of the computer. Such as keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer, speaker etc.

However, the work of all the hardware components in the computer is different. Some components give input instructions to the computer, and some process those instructions. Some hardware parts help in starting and booting the computer, while some help in displaying the result. Apart from this, some hardware parts installed in the computer help the computer to store data.

16 Examples of computer hardware

There are many examples of computer hardware.

  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • SMPS
  • RAM
  • ROM
  • SSD
  • Graphic card
  • Hard drive
  • Cabinet
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Monitor
  • UPS
  • Speaker
  • Printer
  • Scanner


The motherboard is one of the most important parts of the computer. Every single device in the computer can work for the computer only after being connected to this motherboard. The motherboard is also called the printed circuit board because it has many wires connecting one component to another. We can’t see this wire with the naked eye.

All the devices connected to the computer send instructions to each other through this motherboard only.


You all know the processor installed in the computer by the name of CPU (Central Processing Unit). This device is called the brain of the computer. Because the processor is the power to control what the computer has to do, which work to do first and which to do later.

The processor processes the instruction given by the user and sends it to the correct output device to display the output. For example, if you want to print, the processor sends instructions to the printer, if you want to listen to music, then it sends instructions to the speaker, if you want to watch a video, it sends instructions to the monitor.

In this way the processor controls all the parts of the computer.


The full form of SMPS is Switch Mode Power Supply. It supplies power to all the devices in the computer. All the devices consume different power so it supplies power to all the devices accordingly.


RAM (Random Access Memory)is a type of storage unit of the computer, which we call primary memory. In this, the computer stores the programs that run in real-time. Because when the processor is processing a program, only then that program has to be stored somewhere. That’s why the longer that problem takes to process, the longer it remains stored in the RAM’s storage.

You all say that by increasing or upgrading the RAM, the computer runs fast. This is because more than one program can be run simultaneously.


ROM (Read Only Memory) is also a primary memory. This memory performs both read and write operations. Basically, ROM is used for booting the computer. It also checks all the devices which are connected to the computer those are working properly or not.


SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is smaller in memory size and more in storage capacity. Due to its built in semiconductor, it is much better than hard drive in performance. This works very fast. That’s why nowadays everyone has started using SSD in their system, laptop.

Graphic card

The graphics card is used to enhance the quality of the image or video displayed on the monitor. When games or video editing is done on the computer, then only graphic card is required.

Hard drive

Hard drives are also called secondary storage. In this, the user stores his processed data. Due to the high storage capacity, everyone can store their personal data for a long period of time. But it works a bit slower than SSD.


All the internal parts of the computer are installed inside the cabinet itself. Talking about it, it is the cover of a computer. It helps in keeping the internal components and parts of the computer safe.

In today’s time, many designs are available in the cabinet market. RGB lights are installed in them.


Keyboard is an input device by which we type and give our instructions to the computer. A typical keyboard has 104 keys. Advanced keyboards have options for controlling various programs on the computer. These days the gaming keyboards available in the market look the best. RGB lights were also used in this.


Mouse is also an input device. It is useful to select any icon, file, or folder on the computer. There are 3 buttons in the mouse. The left button is used to select something, and the right button is used to know the details of any file or any document on the computer. The middle button is used to scroll through large documents to see the lower part.


The monitor is an output device. In this, whatever task is being performed in the computer, it is shown to the user. Earlier CRT monitors were used. But as technology changed, LCD monitors and screens started being used in the market. Today LED monitors and screens are used by every computer user.


The full form of UPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply. When the power supply given to the computer stops, only then the UPS protects the computer from shutting down. There is a 12V battery inside the UPS which helps in backing up the computer.


Usually, the speaker is used to produce the sound of the video or audio playing in the computer. it is an output device.


Printer is an output device and it comes under the external hardware components of the computer. When instructions are given to print any documents from the computer, only then the printer prints that document.

Nowadays different types of printers are available in the market. Such as Dot Matrix Printer, Inkjet Printer, LaserJet Printer, All In One Printer, 3D Printer etc.

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The scanner comes under the input devices of the computer. With the help of a scanner, any downloads or photos of hardcopy can be converted into digital format. That digital document can be stored on the computer.


I hope that you must have understood about it by reading this article 16 Examples of Computer Hardware and Types of Hardware in Computer. In this article, we have told about the important hardware components used in the computer.

If you have any doubt then you can tell us. We will definitely solve your doubt. If you liked this article then do share it with your friends. Thanks for reading this article

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