14 Best Content writing tools to Help You to improve your content idea!

Do you know what is content writing? Why do we use content writing tools? What are the best content writing tools and what are their types? All these things have been told in this article. After reading this article, all the doubts that you have in your mind about content writing will be cleared. So read this post till the end so that you can get complete information. So, let’s start without delay.

What is Content Writing?

There are some people in the world who write every day what happened in their life in a diary or on the internet like a blog post. Also, some people write a story about some things going on in the world. Writing very well on any type of topic, after reading which the reader can get complete information about that thing and his interest should come on that content. Along with that, the information should be so accurate and good that people can get the solution from it. This is called content writing.

Content writing is an art by which you can write your own blog and post it on your website, write a script for YouTube, write content in social media posts, write a contact for any literature books, etc.

The person who writes the content is called the content writer. It is not so easy to write by giving complete information about any subject or anything. To write good content, thorough research has to be done. One has to get complete information about the thing or subject about which it is being written. Only then a good content writer is able to create content in front of the reader. When the reader will comment on that content, then only that content writer will know whether his content is good or not.

What are Content Writing Tools?

Nowadays everyone likes to read and watch unique things. That’s why all content creators are determined to create good and unique content so that the user can get attracted to their content and get knowledge from it.

Therefore, those who are content writers use some content writing tools to create good content in less time.

A content writing tool is software that helps you to write error-free and engaging content in less time. Content writing tools can be used to create exceptional content for your website, blog, article, or even social media posts. If a writer writes an article by himself, then there is definitely some mistake in it, but the content writing tools are so advanced that it finds the mistake. Nowadays so many content writing tools are available on the internet. some are free and some are paid versions.

Generally, by using content writing tools, your content is reliable, error-free, highly accurate, plagiarism-free, SEO-friendly, properly structured, and engaging content.

Types of Content Writing Tools

Generally, there are 6 types of content writing tools.

  • Writing Tool
  • Grammar checker tool
  • Plagiarism tool
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • SEO Tool
  • Graphic Design Tool

With all these tools, many content writing tools have been developed nowadays. All the tools have different features. So let’s know about the top 14 content writing tools.

14 Top Content Writing tools


Copymatic content writing tools

Copymatic is an AI-based content writing tool. With the help of this tool, you can write blog posts, paragraph writing, SEO keyword ideas, copywriting, video scripting, email, social media posts, ads descriptions, etc. in a few minutes. No need to work hard for this.

It is very easy to use this tool. First of all, you have to enter the topic on which you want to write. After that copymatic will automatically show you some blog ideas as a title. Clicking on the one you like shows the table of contents of the entire blog. If you want to change or add something to it, then you can do that, otherwise, you can generate the entire blog post by clicking on the Generate option.

There are 25+ languages available in the Copymatic Content Writing Tool in which you can write your content. It has both free and paid versions. In the free version of Copymatic, 10 credits are available. This means you can write blog posts of 1000+ words.

There are 25+ languages available in the Copymatic Content Writing Tool in which you can write your content. It has both free and paid versions. In the free version of Copymatic, 10 credits are available. This means you can write blog posts of 1000+ words. If the content writing tools here fulfill your requirement, then you can upgrade it to the paid version.



Writesonic is an AI content writing tool in which content writers can generate 2500-word blog posts in a few seconds. With the help of this tool, you can generate content like SEO Optimized Blog Articles, Marketing Copy, Products Description, Lending Page, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Social Media Posts, Sales Emails, etc.

This Writesonic tool is very easy to use. It has 25+ language options available. If you want to use these content writing tools, then first you have to sign up for this tool. Which you can do from your Google, Microsoft, or Mail Id.

To write any content, you have to give the topic of your blog in the topic given in this tool. After that blog post will be written in which language and quality type to choose. After submitting it shows the title, introduction, and some outlines. All these have to be generated after verifying. After that, your blog posts are made according to a structure.

There are 3 types of plans in this. If you want to check this tool then you can go for the free plan. Its paid plan is of 2 types. one is short-form and another one is long-form. if anyone is interested to write content for ads, product descriptions, paragraphs, etc then he will be gone for a short-form plan. Long-form is for bloggers, freelancers, and businesses.



Anyword is an AI copywriting tool. By using this content writing tool, the content of ad copy, landing pages, blog posts, email, product descriptions, etc. can be written. It is a good artificial intelligent copywriting tool.

  • If you want to use its free version, then you have to register with a Google account by clicking on the Start for free option.
  • After registering in it, you have to click on the option of New Project.
  • After that, you have to enter the project name in which you are writing. and click on Create Project.
  • The material idea you have chosen has to be properly described and written in the description with the target keyword.
  • After that, some of your titles will appear along with the chart. From that, you have to select some titles and then click on the Next button.
  • Then the outline of the content will appear. If you want to add some different content to that outline, then you have to click in the add author section. If you do not like the content idea, then click on Generate Again button to regenerate.
  • This is the paragraph that you selected to outline. Again you have to select one of the paragraphs. What is the score of that paragraph on the right side of it, it is visible. If you are satisfied with that then click on the Next button otherwise click on Generate more option.
  • After that, your blog post will show according to a structure. Which you can copy and put on your website.



Grammarly is a great content writing tool for error-free writing. It checks Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation in your written article and gives suggestions to correct if there is a mistake.

It is also available for Chrome extension and Word. If a mistake is made in time by writing something, then it can be fixed immediately.

There are basically 3 schemes in Grammarly. Grammarly’s free plan is enough for beginners. If you need a premium then you can take it.



ProWritingAid is also a grammar checker tool. It is designed to test short content like blog posts, articles, and product descriptions. In its premium version, you will get the features of checking Plagiarism.

It supports the browser of Mac and Windows operating systems. This tool can be easily used when you are running Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or other editing tools. You can try its free version. If you like these content writing tools then you can go to the premium option.

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector is a tool to check Plagiarism. With this, you will be able to check the Plagiarism of your written content. Plagiarism means to be exactly the same as any other content.

This is a very handy tool. If you want to detect Plagiarism in your content, then you have to copy and paste your content into the text box of Plagiarism Detector. After that click on the Check Plagiarism option. It will tell you whether your content is Plagiarism or not in a few seconds. 

In the free version of this tool, you can check 1000-word articles at once. If you take its premium futures, then you will be able to check the Plagiarism of 25000 words articles in it.

If your article is showing Plagiarism, then there is an option called Make it unique. you will be able to fix it with the help of this option.

Small SEO tool

SmallSEO tool

All SEO Tool is also a Plagiarism Detector Tool. Apart from this, this tool includes Text Analysis Tools, Design Studio, Image Editing Tools, Keyword Tools, Backlink Tools, Website Management Tools, Website Tracking Tools, Proxy Tools, Domain Tools, Meta Tag Tools, Password Management Tools, Online PDF, etc. Huh. Tools, Development Tools, Unit Converter Tools, Binary Converter Tools, etc.



Ahrefs is a keyword research tool that lets you find the perfect keywords for your blog posts. With the help of that keyword, you can get your blog ranked on Google.

With the help of this tool, what is the difficulty level of the keyword you are searching about, and how many people are searching for that keyword, you will be able to know about all these things. This tool is available in free and paid plans. If you want to know more about its feature then you can use the free version.

In its free version, you will be able to use features like SEO Dashboard, Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Site Audit, Rank Tracker, Alerts, etc. Its paid version has many features available.



Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool. Through this tool, you can get a domain overview, top SEO page, keyword suggestive, content ideas, and backlink data in addition to keyword research. Also, it provides you with the chrome extension.

In the free plan, you can do this 3 times a day. This is a very good tool for beginners.

Google keyword planner

Keyword Planner
Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool from Google. To use this tool, you need to open an account in Google and you can search it on Google Ads.

If you want to run Google Ads then this is the best tool. In this, it tells you the competition of the keyword, the low bid, and the high bid of the keyword. According to that, the user is able to run Google Ads. It is absolutely free.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin. Which is installed in the WordPress website to fix the blog post. With the help of this tool, you can optimize the readability and SEO of your blog posts.

With the help of this tool, you can improve focus on increasing page ranking, Readability check, Keyword optimization, Optimizing technical SEO, Link building suggestive, and Quality content. This plugin is available in the free and premium versions. If you use this plugin by installing it on your WordPress website, then the SEO of your website will definitely be improved.



RankMath is a WordPress SEO plugin. It improves the website in SEO ranking. This is basically how on-page SEO works. Rank Math helps you to understand what is wrong with the particular keyword you want your website to rank with.

In On-page SEO, the focus keyword gives accurate information about where it should be done. This is visible to the user by checking your SEO title, mother desktop, and whether the content is correct or not. It is also available in free and paid versions.



Canva is a content creation and graphic designing software. It is available in free and paid versions. Many users like this tool because it contains many templates and elements. The best part of this is it is easy to use.

With the help of the Canva graphic designing tool, you can create many designs such as official presentation, Infographic, desktop wallpaper, Facebook post, Instagram post, Video, YouTube thumbnail, poster, resume, etc.

If you want to learn Graphic Design with Canva Tool, then go and register as soon as possible.



Vistacreate is a graphic designing tool in which you can design business cards, posters, flyers, display ads, invitations, YouTube banners, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram posts, Instagram ads, Facebook posts, Facebook ads, etc.

It has a starter and a pro version available. In the starter version, you will get 75k+ templates, 1m+ photos, videos, and vectors available, and 10 GB of cloud storage. Pro version has background remover, 70m+ photos, videos, vectors, unlimited cloud space, you can design unlimited brand kit, resize features, sticker maker, etc available.


In conclusion, I would like to say that content marketing is growing very fast in today’s time. Everyone is running after unique content. You must have seen that the more creative content there is, the more people like it. For example, the better creative you can make YouTube’s thumbnail, and the better idea you give in the video, the better that video gets views.

In the same way, all these content writing tools help in preparing all those contents. All these tools help you to produce better content than others. If you are a beginner and cannot buy all these paid tools, then use its free plan. Their free plan will also help you to create your own good content.

I hope you all must have liked this article. If you have any kind of doubt in your mind, then you tell us in the comment box, and we will definitely try to solve your doubt. If you liked this article then share it with your friends. so that this message can reach everyone. Thanks for reading this Article.

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