5 Importance of Application Software, functions & its types

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Hello friends, all of you must be using a lot of software on the computer every day. So, do you know about application software? Know about the importance of application software in computer systems, and its functions and types. If you have come this far looking for this topic, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have provided complete information about Application Software.

If you go through it thoroughly, you will get complete information about the application software.

All of you must be using computer or laptop every day. You must know that the instructions given to do any task on the computer are called software. Computers cannot run without software.

The software that starts the computer and manages the computer is called system software. Apart from this, if any specific task is to be performed on the computer like video editing, typing, or internet browsing, then the software used for that is called application software.

So, let’s know the importance of application software in computer system.

What is application software?

Application software is software that is used to perform a specific task. Application software is also called an app. This software is developed according to the need of the user. So that the user can perform his work properly.

Like Word Program is used to prepare a Textual Document, Database Program is used for Database Management, Media Player is used to play Video/Audio. Similarly, there are many other types of programs or software to complete different types of tasks. Whose relation is related to the direct user.

In our computer system, there is only application software on which the user does his actual work. However, both system software and application software help the computer to run properly. But the work of these two is different.

System software runs in the background of our computer, while application software works in the front end. By the way, without system software, we cannot even install application software.

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Types of Application software

There are many types of application software. Each software is designed to perform specific functions or tasks. Some of the important types of application software are given below.

  • Word Processing Software: This type of software is used to create, edit and format documents. Through this software, you can make letters, articles, reports, resumes etc. For example, Microsoft Word, Google Docs etc.
  • Spreadsheet Software: This type of software is used to manage, analyze, compare and present data in tabular form. For examples Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Apple Numbers etc.
  • Database Software: This type of software is used to store, manage and manipulate data. For example Microsoft Access, MySQL and Oracle etc.
  • Graphic Design Software: This type of software is used for creating and editing digital images and graphics. Examples of Graphic Design Software are Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, GIMP, etc.
  • Video Editing Software: This type of software is used for editing and enhancing video footage. Examples include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, filmora, etc.
  • Web Browsers: This type of software is used for accessing and browsing & downloading data or files from the internet. Examples include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  • Accounting Software: Through this software, the work of managing various types of accounting and financial work is done. It is helpful in storing the financial data used in business transactions. Examples of accounting software are Tally, Vyapar, Xero Accounting, etc.
  • Multimedia Players: This type of software is used to play different types of multimedia files, such as audio and video. Examples include Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, Gom Player, etc.
  • Games: This type of software is used for playing video games on a computer. Examples include Minecraft, pubg, Sniper, Call of Duty, NFS, GTA, etc.

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What is the Importance of Application Software?

Due to the application software, many tasks can be done easily in the computer. That’s why the importance of application software in computer systems is very high. Given below are the 5 importance of application software.

Increases Productivity

One of the main importance of application software is its ability to increase productivity. In today’s time, applications like Microsoft Office, Google Workspace and Adobe Creative Suite etc. are very beneficial in official work, business and many other tasks. Very good functions and features are available in these application software. With this, the user is able to do his task very easily.

For example, Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. Using this the user can analyze his business, official work or finance-related data. Similarly, Adobe Photoshop is also a type of graphic design software. Which helps the user to design something or improve that design. By using all these applications, the user can save time, increase his productivity, correct mistakes and organize his work.

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Improves Communication

Another important advantage of application software is its ability to improve communication. In today’s time, applications like Zoom, Skype and Google Meet etc. make it possible to communicate through video with a person who is far away.

In the time of COVID-19, teachers used to teach students online and even today there are online classes. Which has become possible because of all these applications.

All of these applications allow users to collaborate on projects, participate in virtual meetings, and share files, regardless of their physical location.

Enhances Entertainment

Nowadays the world of entertainment has started moving forward a lot. Better graphic software is being used to make better movies or web series. Apart from this, nowadays many applications have been launched for watching and listening to movies, web series, and songs.

Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and YouTube applications have simplified the way we consume media and entertainment.

Through all these applications users can consume movies, TV shows, music and entertainment from the comfort of their homes. So, entertainment application comes into play in today’s time as an important application software.

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Enhances Learning

Application software has also changed the way we learn. E-learning platforms such as WIFI study, Udemy, Unacademy and Khan Academy enable students and professionals to acquire knowledge online on various subjects.

These applications provide an interactive and personalized learning experience to the learners. So that, they can learn all these subjects from sitting in their homes without going to any offline classes.

Facilitates E-commerce

E-commerce applications like Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio and Myntra have completely changed the way we shop and do business. These applications allow businesses to set up online stores and sell their products and services to customers around the world.

Through these applications, we can order small or big goods sitting at home. E-commerce applications provide a convenient and secure platform for customers to shop and purchase products. The application also makes it easier for businesses to reach a larger audience and increase their sales.

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Functions of Application software

Talking about the function of application software, you all must know that this software are made for a specific purpose. In today’s time, many applications are available to us to do even a small task.

The application which was created to perform the task also we can use it only to perform the same task. Such as MS Word is a word processor program. In that, we can only do tasks like Text Typing, Writing Letters, and making Reports. In Photoshop, we can do things like photo editing, and better design of photos.

Apart from this, there are many such software which we use in our daily work. In today’s time, all the work done on a computer such as creating and editing documents, managing and analyzing data, creating and editing digital media, communicating and collaborating, accessing and browsing the Internet, entertainment and automation, etc are possible only because of application software.

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In conclusion, application software plays an important role in our lives and it has simplified the way computers do certain things. From improving productivity and communication to entertaining and learning, application software has become an important part of our daily lives.

In today’s article, we have explained in detail about the types, functions and importance of application software. I hope you all must have understand. If you have any doubt on this article or need any kind of improvement, then you can tell us. We will try our best to solve your doubts.

If you liked this article then do share it with your friends. Thank you for reading this article.

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