4 Ways to Fix Trouble Sending Check Options issue on Google Message

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Do you run an Android mobile and you are getting an error of ‘trouble sending check options’ on your Google Messages app? Due to this your message is not getting sent. If this is the case then there is nothing to worry about. In this article, we are going to tell you some simple ways to solve the “trouble sending check options” error coming in your Google Messages app.

This problem can occur in those Android mobiles which have Google Messages app. So, without delay, let’s know the ways to solve this problem.

How to Fix Trouble Sending Check options issue on Google Message App

This problem on Google Messages app usually occurs due to some particular reason. So, let’s know about those reasons.

  • Network error
  • Message app cache
  • Update issue
  • RCS disable and not verify the mobile number

These are the reasons for this, even after sending the message, the message does not get sent and trouble sending check options error is displayed.

Network Error

Sometimes network is showing on your mobile but the message is not being sent. This problem occurs when the network is jammed or there is no network. Only the emergency network is showing on your mobile. During that time you cannot even call anyone.

If such problem is happening on your mobile too, then turn on the flight mode of your mobile and turn it off after 10 seconds. By doing this, if there is any kind of network issue in your mobile, then it will be solved automatically. Apart from this, you can also restart your mobile.

If the network issue still persists, it means that it may be from the network service provider. So wait for some time and then you can send the message.

Clear Message Cache

The cached data of the Messages app sometimes causes problems in sending messages. Therefore, it is important to clear it from time to time. To do this, follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, open the Settings option of your mobile.
Apps edited
  • After that, open the Apps option.
App management edited
  • Than click on the App Management option.
google messages edited
  • As soon as the App Management option opens, a list of all the apps installed in your mobile will appear. Find the Messages app from it.
Clear cache edited
  • After the Messages option opens, click on its storage usage. Click on the Clear cache option in it.
  • You do not need to clear data. This may delete your messages.

Update issue

Sometimes due to the Google Messages app not being updated, trouble sending check options error can be seen in it. Therefore, it is important to keep Google Messages updated.

  • To update it, go to the Google Play Store and type Message in the search bar.
  • After the Google Messages app appears, click on the Update option which is shown below.
  • By doing this, the problem you are facing in sending messages will be solved.

Enable RCS

Earlier when SMS and MMS were used to send messages, there was not so much security and advanced features in it. But now messaging platforms send messages using RCS features. It provides IP base, security features, location sharing and many more.

If you are facing trouble in sending messages on your Android mobile and is showing trouble sending check options error, then you should enable the RCS option. To enable it, you can follow the steps given below.

  • First, open Google Messages.
  • After that click on your profile icon which you will find on the right side top.
  • After that click on the message settings option.
  • In the settings option, you will find the RCS option at the top.
  • Click on it and enable it. Along with that, you should also verify your mobile number by entering it there.

After doing this, the trouble sending check options error showing on your mobile will definitely be solved.

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I hope that after reading this article, you will solve the trouble sending check options error coming in the Google Message app of your Android mobile. If you still face any problem anywhere, you can tell us. We will try our best to solve your problem.

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