How to Fix WiFi Disconnects Frequently on Windows 10

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Sometimes Wifi disconnects frequently Windows 10/11 laptops or desktops. The problem of WiFi disconnecting frequently can be troubling for computer users. This is because everyone uses WiFi internet from their mobile or broadband internet connection to access the internet on their laptop or desktop. If this problem occurs repeatedly, then whatever work the user is doing on their system gets delayed and is not completed on time.

If your laptop’s WiFi disconnecting frequently then there is no need to worry. In this article, we are going to tell you why laptop or desktop wifi disconnects frequently problem occurs and some better methods to fix it.

Why my Wifi Disconnects Frequently Windows 10?

There can be many reasons behind WiFi getting disconnected repeatedly.

  • There are some signals that interfere with the WiFi signal. Such as microwaves, cordless phones, etc.
  • If there are two WiFi connections nearby, then the signal of one WiFi is disturbed.
  • If your laptop or computer is far away from the router, the strength of the Wi-Fi signal may decrease.
  • Sometimes physical obstacles like walls and furniture can also prevent these Wi-Fi signals from reaching their actual distance. This can cause frequent Wi-Fi disconnects.
  • if more than one user is connected to a Wi-Fi connection, then the speed remain slows down or there are frequent interruptions.
  • If the system has an outdated network driver then WiFi keeps disconnecting frequently. So always ensure that the network driver is up-to-date.
  • There are some antiviruses that interfere with network connections. This causes the problem of WiFi disconnecting repeatedly.
  • Sometimes this problem can also be caused by the Internet Service Provider. This is because network outages or maintenance work by the ISP can cause interruptions in the Internet.

How to Fix Wifi Disconnects Frequently Problem?

There are many types of problems in this WiFi and all are caused due to different reasons. Therefore, different methods are used to solve it.

Before moving on to the methods to fix this WiFi disconnecting repeatedly problem, you should restart the computer and router once. This is because sometimes Wifi disconnecting repeatedly even after hanging. If this problem gets solved by restarting then you don’t have to do anything. If this problem doesn’t get solved by doing this then follow the steps given below.

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Update Drivers

  • Sometimes the driver of the computer or laptop does not get updated automatically. Due to this, the computer faces problems in providing internet connections.
  • That is why it is important for up to date our computer and laptop drivers regularly.
  • To update the driver in Windows 10 or 11, first, you have to go to Computer Management. For this, right-click on This PC and click on the Manage option.
  • After that go to Device Manager and click on Network Adapter option.
  • You will find many network drivers in the Network Adapter option. Right-click on all those drivers one by one and click on Update Driver.
  • After that click on Search Automatically for Driver. By doing this, the driver will be updated automatically from the internet.
  • If there is a problem with WiFi due to an outdated driver, then it will be solved by this process.

Power Management settings

When you keep your system on and do not do any work, it turns off some settings to save power. This includes WiFi as well. To fix this, you will have to change some settings.

  • For this, go to Device Manager.
  • After that click on Network Adapter Settings.
  • After opening the Network Adapter Settings, the WiFi driver installed on your laptop or computer will be visible in it.
  • In that option, right-click and click on Properties.
  • After doing this, a new setting will open. There will be a menu of Power Settings at the top, in which you will have to click.
disable power management
  • After that, you will have to remove the right mark given at the starting of “Allow the Computer to turn off this device to save power” Option.

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Adjust Wifi Power Plan Settings

Ensure your WiFi adapter is set to maximum performance.

  • Right-click on the Battery icon showing in the toolbar or right-click on the Start button and select Power Options.
  • After that select Change plan settings next to your selected power plan.
  • Click on Change Advanced Power Settings.
wifi Power setting1
  • Expand Wireless Adapter Settings then click on Power Saving Mode.
  • Set both On battery and Plugged in to Maximum Performance.
  • Click Apply and OK.

Disable WiFi Sense

However, Microsoft has removed this WiFi Sense setting from the updated version of Windows 10. If you use the updated version of Windows 10, then you will not see this option. If you use the old version of Windows 10, then you can see the option of WiFi Sense in the WiFi settings. To disable it, follow the steps given below.

  • To open Settings press Windows+ I key.
  • Then click on the Network & Internet option and then the WiFi option.
  • After that click on Manage wifi setting.
  • Disable Connect to suggested open hotspots and Connect to networks shared by my contacts.

After that, check whether wifi keeps disconnecting problems is solved or not.

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Run the Network Troubleshooter

Windows operating system has different troubleshooting tools for each activity. Similarly, WiFi is also available. These are built-in troubleshooters that can automatically detect and fix problems.

  • To Run Wifi Troubleshoot press Windows + I to open Settings option.
  • Then click on Update & Security option and open Troubleshoot.
  • After opening the Troubleshoot option, click on Internet Connections and then click on Run the Troubleshooter.
  • It will automatically detect the error and then fix it.

Remove VPN and Proxy

VPNs and proxies can sometimes interfere with your Wi-Fi connection. So if you are using a VPN server or proxy, disable it to fix the WiFi keeps disconnecting problem.

  • To disable VPN or disable proxy the open Setting option of your system.
  • Then open Network & Internet option.
  • After that, you will see VPN and proxy options in the left sidebar.
  • First click on VPN option and check if there is any VPN or not. If yes, then disable it.
  • After that click on Proxy.
  • If your internet connection does not require any proxy, then keep the Use a proxy server option disabled.

After following the above methods, the problem you have free WiFi disconnects frequently in your system will be solved.

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Wi-Fi disconnection can happen due to many different reasons. Please check the exact solution of that problem and apply it on your system. In this article, we have told you different solutions for WiFi disconnecting repeatedly problem. Please read it carefully.

If your problem is not solved even after following this article, then you can tell us by commenting. We will try our best to solve your problem.

If you liked this article and it solved your problem, then share it as much as possible. So, that this informative information can reach people stuck in such problems. Thanks for reading.

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