How to Change Fn Key Settings in Windows 10- Very Simple Steps

Are you worried about the Fn settings of your laptop? Are you looking for Change Fn Key Settings? So there is nothing to worry about. If you have come here looking for How to Change Fn Key Settings then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have explained how to change Fn Key Settings in Windows 10/11. However, these Fn key settings remain default.

The Fn (function) key on the keyboard of your computer and laptop is like a secret assistant. It unlocks special functions beyond the regular keys in a shortcut manner. There are some special functions on every keyboard from F1 to F12. The Fn key is responsible for enabling and disabling this function.

However, some users may not find this function correct. It seems that this function might be hindering his work, due to which he prefers to disable or change Fn setting.

So, let’s know the functionality of Fn key and How to Change Fn key settings in Windows 10.

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Functionality of Fn key on Windows 10

The Fn keys or function keys on Windows 10 laptops and keyboards act as multi-functional shortcuts. It provides quick access to various features beyond the standard keyboard functions.

Through these function keys, you can increase or decrease the brightness, increase or decrease the volume, control the projector display, Wifi on/off, Bluetooth on/off and other multimedia. This function is different in every laptop.

Apart from this, if you check all these keys for different applications then it will perform different functions. For example, if you open Chrome browser and press Fn + F1 together, a new tab will open. Similarly, if you press Fn + F11 together, the Chrome browser will become full screen. But this function will work differently in other applications

The default Fn key settings of the keyboard provide convenience to computer users. With all these functions, the user can easily set the brightness, volume, display settings, and other multimedia tasks as per his wish with the press of a button. The ability to tailor these tasks on a Windows 10 laptop ensures a more efficient and user-friendly computing experience.

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How to Change Fn key settings in Different Laptop

There are many ways to change or disable Fn key settings. Its settings are different in every brand of laptop and desktop. In some, the setting is in its keyboard itself, in some it is in the Windows Mobility Center option and in some, it is in the BIOS menu. So let us know how to change it in different brand laptops.

Disable Fn key Settings

Nowadays, many functions are provided in the keyboards of modern laptops and desktops. With this, you do not need to go into the settings of your computer, you just press that shortcut key and the work is done.

If you want to disable the function key, like you do the Caps Lock key, then you will see a lock icon on your keyboard too. When you want to disable this Fn key, you have to press Fn + the key with a lock icon, this will toggle the Fn lock.

After you lock the Fn key, you cannot use the features given in your keyboard. You can perform tasks like adjusting screen brightness or enabling and disabling WiFi or Bluetooth by simply pressing the relevant function key.

For example, if you want to capitalize an alphabet while typing, you press the shift key. But if you have to write a paragraph in capitals, then instead of pressing the Shift key, you enable the Caps Lock key. With which you can write the entire paragraph in capitals and that too easily.

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How to change Fn key setting in Windows Mobility Center

If you are using a Dell brand laptop then you can change the Fn option through Windows Mobility Center. Right-click on the battery icon visible in the toolbar and select the Windows Mobility Center option.

After opening Windows Mobility Center, you will see an option named Function key row. By clicking on that drop-down option you have to select the multimedia key. By selecting this, whenever you want to perform any function of the keyboard i.e. increase or decrease brightness, increase or decrease volume or anything else, that function will be done by pressing the particular key. You will not have to press the Fn key again and again.

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Change Fn key Setting in Bios Manu

The above-mentioned methods are not available in all laptops or desktops. But if you want to turn off this function key from the BIOS menu, then it is available in all brands of laptops and desktops. So let us know how to disable Fn key in BIOS.

For Dell User

  • If you are using a Dell laptop then you should first reboot your laptop and during startup press the F2 key to enter the BIOS settings.
  • After going to Bios menu, go to Advanced option with the help of arrow key.
  • After going to Advanced option, find the Function key behavior option and press Enter in it.
  • After entering it in the option, you will see two options which are function key and multimedia key. You have to select the multimedia key.
  • Finally press F10 key and yes to Save Configuration and Restart.

For HP User

  • If you use HP laptop then restart your laptop.
  • When the restart starts, press the F10 key to go to the BIOS menu.
  • Once you enter the BIOS menu, then go to the Advanced option or System Configuration option.
HP Bios setting
  • Go to Device configuration under the Advanced option and disable the Fn key switch option.
  • If the System Configuration option is showing in your BIOS then find Action Key Mode and press Enable and Disable option.
  • After that press F10 key and save the settings.

For Lenovo User

  • If you use a Lenovo laptop then you have to press F2 or (Fn+F2) key to go to BIOS menu.
  • Once you go to the BIOS menu, select the configuration option and set Hotkey mode to disabled.
  • Finally press F10 to save the BIOS settings.

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If you are using any other laptop then you will get its manual online. It would have explained how to change the Fn key setting in the BIOS menu. You can follow him or ask us.

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