7 Best ways to fix Couldn’t Download Virus scan failed Error in Chrome

If you are downloading some important thing and in between you get the Couldn’t Download Virus scan failed error. With this you cannot download your important files. You can usually see such a problem in Google Chrome browser. If you are struggling with this problem then there is no need to worry. Through this article, we have provided detailed information about how to fix the Couldn’t Download Virus scan failed error.

There can be many reasons behind this error occurring. Such as any setting change in the browser, problem in the browser extension, file getting infected with malware, antivirus spread preventing it from downloading, etc.

Whenever you download any important file through Google Chrome, Google Chrome always does a preliminary scan of that file. Through this process, Chrome prevents any suspicious files from being downloaded into your system.

But sometimes Chrome browser stops file download without any reason. Due to which Couldn’t Download Virus scan failed error appears. This error may occur due to some corrupt data of the Chrome browser or a bug in the system. So let us know how this error can be fixed.

How to fix Couldn’t Download Virus scan failed Error

Recently I was downloading one of my important files using Chrome browser. But it stopped after showing virus scan failed problem. Every time I tried to download it, it was showing problems. So, I have come up with some solutions to solve this problem. You can check it.

Such problems appear differently in different browsers. As Google Chrome shows ‘Failed – Virus scan failed’, Microsoft Edge shows ‘Could not download – Virus scan failed’. So, let’s know these solution steps by steps.

Clear Browsing Data and Cache in Chrome

clear cache cookies 1
  • Go to Chrome settings by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner and selecting “Settings.”
  • In the left side bar, you will see “Privacy and security” option in which you have to click.
  • Under “Privacy and security,” click on “Clear browsing data.”
  • Select “Browning History“, “Cached images and files“, and “Cookies and other site data” and then click “Clear data.”
  • By following these steps, the history and cache of the browser will be cleared.

Disable Extensions

  • Some extensions may interfere with the downloading process. Disable your extensions one by one to identify if any of them is causing the issue.
  • Type “chrome://extensions/” on chrome search bar, then Disable extensions one by one and try downloading again.

Try in Incognito Mode

  • Open an incognito window in Chrome by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N (Windows/Linux) or Cmd + Shift + N (Mac).
  • After that, try downloading the file in incognito mode.

Update Chrome to Fix the Virus Scan Failed Error

Google Chrome is constantly updated so that any bug that appears can be fixed. If your Chrome browser is old then update it.

  • To update Google Chrome, you have to click on the 3 dots on the right side of the browser.
  • After that scroll down and click on “Help” and click on “About Google Chrome” option.
  • You will see the option of Check update in which you have to click and check whether your browser is updated or not. If it is outdated then update it.

Turn off Your Antivirus Software Temporarily

Sometimes the Windows Defender or Antivirus of the system blocks the file you are downloading considering it to be malware infected. But that file is not infected with malware and the file continues to be downloaded from the secure site. If this is happening then you should disable your antivirus or defender for some time. So, that you can easily download your file.

If you want to disable Windows Defender until the file is downloaded, you will have to follow these steps.

  • First you click on Start Menu and click on Settings.
  • After opening the settings, click on the Update and Security menu.
  • Windows Security option will be found in its left side bar, in which you have to click.
  • When Windows Security options open, you will see Virus & Thread Protection option. You have to open it by clicking on it.
off perodic scanning
  • As soon as it opens, you will see Microsoft Defender Antivirus option by scrolling down. Click on it and turn off periodic scan.
  • After that your Windows Defender will turn off.

Reset Chrome Browser

If you have tried the above options to fix the virus scan failed error but your problem has not been resolved, then you should reset your browser once. To reset Google Chrome browser, the following method has to be adopted.

reset chrome 1
  • To reset Google Chrome browser, you have to type “chrome://settings/reset” in the search bar of the browser.
  • After that “Restore settings to their original defaults”.
  • Finally click on “Reset settings” option. So that your browser will become like new.

Reinstall the Google Chrome Browser

If you have tried all the options and your problem is not solved, then finally uninstall the browser and reinstall it. This will definitely solve your problem.

  • Double-click on the Control Panel and open the Programs and Features option.
  • From there, find the browser which you want to uninstall and right-click on it and click on uninstall.
  • This will uninstall the browser from your system.
  • After uninstallation, restart the system once and reinstall that browser.
  • After installing the browser, download and view your important files. Your file will definitely be downloaded now.

By following all the processes given above, your system will also be cleared and the Couldn’t Download Virus scan failed error will also be fixed. Now you can download your important files from the internet.

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I hope that after reading this article, you must have been able to solve the Couldn’t Download Virus scan failed error coming in your Google Chrome browser. If there is still a problem somewhere and this problem is recurring then you can let us know. We will definitely try to solve your problem. We sincerely hope that the above steps will definitely solve the Couldn’t Download Virus scan failed error.

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