Is Windows 11 Pro better than Home?

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Is Windows 11 Pro better than Home? Features of Windows 11 Pro vs Home, Will Windows 11 Pro support the software you’re using? If all these questions are coming to your mind then there is nothing to worry about it. In today’s article, we are going to answer these questions coming in your mind: Is Windows 11 Pro better than Home. So read this article completely.

Microsoft Windows 11 is one of the latest operating systems of today. Many new features are available in this operating system, which makes Windows 11 better than all other operating systems. When Microsoft develops a new operating system, it comes with many editions and each edition has different features.

There are usually several versions of the Windows 11 operating system. The two main editions are Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Home Basic. Windows 11 Pro is especially used by business and professional users. In this, all the features of Windows are available and all software is supported. Talking about Windows 11 Home Basic, it has been designed keeping in mind the individual user or the system used at home. Very few features are available in it.

Features comparison Windows 11 Pro vs Home

Despite Windows 11 being an operating system, its different editions provide different features. So let us know about the features and comparisons of Windows 11 Pro vs Home.

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Security features

Windows 11 Pro uses advanced security i.e. BitLocker encryption. This allows you to protect drives and files in your system from unauthorized access. With the help of this security feature, important files can be encrypted. Which proves helpful in keeping your important files safe.

When it comes to Windows 11 Home Basic, it uses Windows Defender and Windows Firewall as security. These security features are also used in the Pro version but advanced security services are not provided in Home Basic. In some cases, home basic not allow to install any other security software in your system.

Virtualization Capabilities

Talking about Virtualization Capabilities, one of the features in Windows 11 Pro is Hyper-V. Which is not in Windows 11 Home Basic.

Hyper-V is a virtualization platform. It is a tool that is useful for developers, IT professionals, and those who run virtual operating systems on their computers. It provides an efficient virtualization environment that includes features such as snapshot support and virtual switch functionality.

This Hyper-V feature is not included in Windows 11 Home Basic. As a result, Home Edition users do not have access to the same virtualization capabilities as Windows 11 Pro.

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Group Policy Management

The Windows 11 Pro Edition operating system supports Group Policy management features. Due to these features, you can make settings as per your wish in your computer. In this you get the power of advanced control settings and configuration.

It offers a centralised, all-inclusive method for defining and enforcing preferences, security policies, and settings among computers connected to a network. In a Windows environment, Group Policy Management is a tool used to create, modify, and manage Group Policy Objects (GPOs).

But this feature is not available in Windows 11 Home Basic. So that you can make some changes in it. You have to work in the default settings only.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is a great feature through which you can access any other computer on the same network. You get this inbuilt feature in the Pro version. With this tool, you can remotely access any client’s computer and solve the problem.

But this feature is not available in the Home Basic Edition of Windows. For this reason, third-party applications have to be installed. It also asks for a lot of permissions to install these applications.

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Windows Update

Talking about Windows Updates, both Pro and Home editions of Windows 11 usually receive the same core updates from Microsoft. These updates include security patches, bug fixes, performance improvements, and sometimes new features.

But the Windows Update feature for Business is available in the Pro version allowing the user or professional to have more detailed control over updates. They also include the ability to postpone updates for a certain period of time, so that it is up to the user to decide when to turn on the updates.

But there is no such facility in Home Basic Edition. When Microsoft releases Windows updates, the Windows operating system immediately performs that update.

Both versions help you play games, use apps, and make your computer run better. The main difference between these is that the Pro Edition has more features which allow the user to customize their system, but the Home Edition does not have any such advanced features. So that the Pro version is like a superhero computer and the Home edition proves to be a computer suitable for everyday tasks.

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Is Windows 11 Pro better than Home basic?

Is Windows 11 Pro better than Home? If we talk about this question, it depends on your needs. The “better” of these two depends on the features you need. Both have many features in common. But in terms of control and management, the Pro version is a little advanced than Home Basic.

Generally, Windows 11 Pro is designed keeping in mind the needs of business purposes and professional users. Many new and advanced features are available in it. Such as BitLocker encryption, Remote Desktop, advanced Group Policy management, control of Windows Update and Virtualization etc.

All these features are very important for a corporate environment so that security, remote access and centralized control over system settings can be done.

On the other hand, Windows 11 Home Basic is designed for students, individual users and home use. All the basic features are available in it, making it user-friendly. If your computing needs are focused on everyday tasks, entertainment, and standard home use, Windows 11 Home Basic Edition is enough for you.

If you want to install any application in your system, you can download it from Microsoft Store. But the application cannot be downloaded from any other site and installed. Firewall and Windows Defender are used as security reason.

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The choice between Windows 11 Pro and Home depends on your intended use. If you want to prioritize advanced security features, business tools, and control over system settings, Windows 11 Pro is a more suitable choice for you. But if you talk about normal users with standard computing requirements then Windows 11 Home offers a user-friendly experience with adequate functionality.

After all, if we look at all these features together, the answer to your question “Is Windows 11 Pro better than Home” will be Windows 11 Pro.


Is it worth upgrading to Windows Pro 11?

Whether it’s worth upgrading to Windows 11 Pro depends on your needs and what you’re using your computer for. Windows 11 Pro typically comes with a number of additional features tailored for business and professional users. If you want to use good virtualization, security features and other advanced features in your computer, then you can upgrade to Windows 11 Pro. But if you use your computer for normal work then Home Basic is enough for you.

Is Windows 11 100% free?

Windows 11 was introduced as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 devices. Windows 11 requires installed system requirements. Upgrading for free depends on the version of Windows 10 you’re currently using, and your system’s configuration. But if you are downloading Windows 11 from its official website and installing it in your system, then it is not free. you will have to pay for that.

Which Windows 11 is faster?

It is very difficult to decide which Windows 11 is faster. This is because the speed of the computer depends on the components installed in it and the software used. All editions of Windows 11 work faster.


Through this article, we have explained Windows 11 Pro vs Home Basic and have also explained about the features of both. If you are a normal computer user or student or do basic work on a computer then you can go for Home Basic version. Today’s new computers and laptops come preinstalled with a Windows 11 Home Basic operating system license.

After reading this article, the question coming in your mind i.e. “Is Windows 11 Pro better than Home” must have been cleared. I hope you have understood this article. If you still have any kind of doubt then you can tell us by commenting your doubt. We will solve your doubt completely.

It is always our endeavor to clear the doubts in your mind and give you knowledge on important things. Therefore, if you liked reading this article then share it as much as possible on social media. Thanks for reading this article.

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