How to Fix Not Secure Website in Chrome in 5 Simple Steps

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While browsing the internet, you all might have faced the error ‘Not Secure Website’ in Chrome browser at some point of time. When this Not Secure Website error appears, the page you are browsing is not visible to you. You have to face problems.

If you are getting Not Secure Website error in your Chrome browser then there is no need to worry. In this article, we have explained in detail not secure website meaning, why this error occurs in your Chrome browser, is it safe to use a not secure website and how to fix Not Secure Website in Chrome browser.

What causes Not Secure Website in Chrome?

The biggest reason for Not Secure Website error is that SSL certificate is not installed in that website. This SSL certificate helps in keeping the website secure. If this certificate is not installed in the website, then the URL of the website starts with http, which is not secure today. The website with SSL certificate installed starts from https. In https, S stands for secure.

You all must know that Http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) and Https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) are two different protocols. These two protocols are placed in the first end of website’s URL. Earlier HTTP was used in all websites. But since the issue of website security has come up, it has become necessary for all websites to have https. For this, it is necessary to install SSL certificate in the website.

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Is it Safe to use a Not Secure Website?

When you see ‘Not Secure’ message while browsing a site, many doubts come to your mind and is it safe to use a not secure website question definitely comes to your mind. Most of the people close that site after receiving such warnings and start searching for their information from some other site.

Actually, when you search for any information or data on the Internet, you find many websites related to your query. Most of the people close that site after receiving such warnings and start searching related to their query from other site.

not secure website

The secure website will show you the data in it without any problem. But if an SSL certificate is not installed on the website then it will show you a “Not Secure Website” error and will not allow you to enter the website.

You might have created your profile on many websites on the internet through which you might be posting photos, videos and sharing them etc. There are many online sites on the internet from which you can shop by giving your debit card or credit card details. All these personal details remain safe because of the secure website.

If you login to any online site or do any shopping from it, there is a possibility of your personal details being leaked. Therefore, never give your login credentials or bank details to a not secure website.

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How to Fix Not Secure Website in Chrome

To fix the “Not secure website” error in Chrome browser, you usually need to resolve issues related to SSL certificate configuration, HTTP Instead of HTTPs, mixed content, or outdated security protocols. So let us know if your connection to this site is not secure how to fix step by step.

Install SSL Certificate

If your created site is showing as not secure then there is no need to worry. Nowadays, every hosting plan has the option to install SSL certificate. You will then have to go to the hosting plan of your website and install the SSL certificate. As soon as you install the certificate, your site will become secure.

If still not happening then delete the browsing history and cache of your browser. After that, open your site and see.

If your hosting plan is not providing you SSL certificate, then you can buy this certificate as per your website from any other website like Cloudflare, Namecheap, Hostinger, etc. Generally, there are 6 types of SSL certificates.

  • Single Domain SSL Certificates
  • Wildcard SSL Certificates
  • Multi-Domain SSL Certificates (MDC)
  • Domain Validation SSL Certificates
  • Organization Validation SSL Certificates
  • Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Redirect HTTP instant of HTTPs

You should make sure that your website is using HTTPS instead of HTTP. After installing an SSL certificate, you will see HTTPs in all URLs on your website. HTTPs encrypt the data transmitted between the website and the user’s browser, providing a secure connection. If your website is not already using HTTPS, install an SSL certificate on your website.

The information you share using HTTP is not encrypted. It can be easily hacked or modified by third-party users. There is no security for the website as well as the data. But by using https both the website and data remain secure. Encryption methods work in this. By sharing user data, that data gets encrypted and decrypted after reaching the desired user.

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Check for Mixed Content

Mixed content occurs when a webpage served over HTTPS also contains resources (such as images, scripts, or stylesheets) loaded over HTTP. Despite the SSL certificate being loaded in your site, sometimes Chrome gives Not Secure warning error if it has mixed content.

So, use Chrome Developer Tools to check for mixed content warnings in the “Console” tab (press F12 or right-click on the page and select “Inspect”). Update all resource links to use HTTPS to resolve mixed content issues.

Update Internal Links

However, if internal links, incorrect data or images, and scripts on your site are not secure, a warning saying ‘Not Secure Website’ will appear. This causes your site’s URLs to use HTTP instead of using HTTPS.

To fix the Not Secure Website error, you need to redirect all the URLs of your site to https. The URLs of all images, scripts and stylesheets must use the HTTPS protocol.

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Use HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

Implementing HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is an excellent way to enhance the security of your website by instructing browsers to only connect via HTTPS, even if the user enters HTTP in the address bar.

HSTS is an HTTP header that tells the browser to always use HTTPS to access a website. Once the browser receives the HSTS header, it will automatically convert all HTTP requests to HTTPS for the specified period.

How to Enable Secure Connection Sites in Chrome?

Google Chrome has tightened its security measures, preferring HTTPS connections for better security. However, if you need to enable secure sites (HTTPs sites) in Chrome, you can do so by following steps.

  • First lunch chrome browser.
  • Click the three-dot menu icon located in the upper-right corner of the browser window and select the “Settings” option.
  • After opening the Settings option, you will get the option of Privacy and Security in the left side bar. In which you have to click.
  • Under the “Privacy & Security” section, find and click “Security.” Here you will see many securities related settings.
  • After scrolling down, you will find advanced settings in which there will be an option of Always use secure connections. By enabling the option, any site that does not support HTTPs or is not secure will not open in the Chrome browser.
  • After enabling Always use secure connections, restart the browser once.

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Is it safe to download from not secure sites?

Non-secure sites are generally not safe. There are chances of malware, virus, and hacking in it. If you download any file from a not secure website, there is a possibility of your personal details getting leaked. Therefore, login credentials, debit card and credit card details or personal details should not be given on not secure websites.

Does HTTPS Require a Certificate?

Let me tell you all, HTTPS works only after loading the SSL certificate on your website. Without SSL certificate your site is not open in secure manner. It will be open on HTTP protocol. That’s why HTTPS requires an SSL certificate.

How do I know if a website is safe?

Look for the padlock icon in the address bar and make sure the website’s URL starts with “https://” instead of “http://”. Additionally, you can inspect the SSL certificate details to verify its validity and authenticity.


A not secure website usually starts with HTTP. There is no data encryption or security facility in it. Due to this, there is a possibility of the user’s personal details being leaked. Therefore, always download important data from a secure website and share your personal details on it.

I hope that after reading this article, you would have come to know about the reason for “Not Secure Website” warning, is it safe to use a not secure website and How to Fix Not Secure Website in Chrome Browser. If you still have any kind of doubt in your mind regarding this article, then you can ask us. We will try our best to solve your dots.

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