Is Grammarly Worth it

Do you think that is Grammarly good? Is Grammarly worth it? How do I use Grammarly for free? Do professional writers use Grammarly? Benefits of Grammarly premium, If all these questions are coming to your mind regarding Grammarly then there is nothing to worry. We have answered all these questions in detail in this article. Therefore, you will not need to go anywhere else for these things.

Grammarly is an online suggestion tool using which you can correct spelling, grammar and punctuation etc. It helps you in writing any letter, post, mail, and other writing work online. If you are writing a word or sentence incorrectly, it suggests you to correct that thing.

You all must be using social media and posting something on it and writing some text in it. You must be sending emails every day and also using LinkedIn. You will have to write something on all these online platforms. Given below are the online platforms in which Grammarly works. There must have been some spelling mistake or mistake in the sentence due to that writing. But if you use Grammarly, it finds that mistake and gives suggestions to rectify it.

Grammarly Support apps
Grammarly Works on Apps

So, without any delay let us know in detail about whether is Grammarly good and Is Grammarly worth it or not.

Reasons to Use Grammarly

Even after writing perfectly, some mistakes occur, such as spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, etc. If you are writing something important like an official mail, important post, resume, or any application, then you would want there not to be any mistakes in it. For that, you will write it with great focus. Grammarly has been invented to overcome this problem.

Grammer check
Grammarly mistake checker

Grammarly plays an important role in making whatever you write online or offline on a computer, laptop or mobile error-free. It is like a professional assistant. It checks the spelling and grammar and if any error is found, it gives suggestions to correct it. So, whether you’re writing an email, a report, or an application, Grammarly helps you correct any mistakes you make.

Grammarly facilitates clearer communication. It suggests ways how to make your sentences simpler, clearer and more formal. Apart from that, it gives you substitute words to expand your vocabulary and prevent you from repeatedly using the same ones. This implies that your writing will read better and be simpler. 

Grammarly Spaling checker
Grammarly Spelling Checker

Apart from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, you can also ensure whether your article is similar to someone else’s article or not. We call this a plagiarism check. This is important for content writing and content creators. They are always engaged in making their content better than others so that users can read their content and get some information from it.

These features ensure that your written content has not been copied from anywhere else. It is important for students and professionals that with the help of these features they can declare that their work is theirs and not someone else’s. If you are a student, a writer or do a lot of typing work on the computer and want to improve your writing, then Grammarly can be a very good option for you. For this reason, Grammarly is used.

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Benefits Of Grammarly Premium

Although Grammarly is available for free, there are some features which are available only in its premium plan. So, this question must be coming in your mind that, is Grammarly premium worth it? Let us know what the benefits of Grammarly Premium.

You all must have come to know that Grammarly is a tool which helps in improving your writing. With Premium, you can access more advanced grammatical suggestions, vocabulary enhancement, writing style suggestions and plagiarism checking and guidelines to help you write more effectively and generate higher-quality content. 

Grammarly Premium

Is Grammarly premium worth it? The answer is yes. If you pay annually, you will get Grammarly’s premium plan for Rs 984, which is many times less than the monthly payment i.e. you will save 61% every year. In this, along with the features you get for free, you also get features like Plagiarism Checker, rewrite full sentences, 1,000 AI prompts, and writing fluently in English. Which is important for a professional writer.

With the help of Premium’s vocabulary enhancement suggestions, you can find the ideal words to communicate your ideas more clearly. It also includes robust plagiarism detection capabilities, which scan your text against billions of web pages to ensure your content is original and properly cited. 

This may be particularly valuable to students, teachers, and professional writers in general. This is because they need to maintain academic integrity and avoid copyright issues.

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Pros & Cons of Using Grammarly


  • Grammar improves our writing quality.
  • Through this, you can check grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice and plagiarism.
  • You can include it in a browser extension.
  • It supports Microsoft Word, Outlook and Google Docs.
  • You can check spelling and grammar in real-time and it’s highly accurate.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can also customizable given its limitation in free as well as premium plans.


  • Grammarly sometimes gives wrong suggestions or confuses the original meaning.
  • It only supports the English language.

Is Grammarly worth it?

Is Grammarly worth it or not it depends on individual writing needs and goals. Grammarly is one of the important tools for every user who has interest in writing. Helpful in spotting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in user-written content, as well as making suggestions for clarity and readability.

The tool supports multiple platforms and provides customized feedback. It also saves time and gives correct suggestions to the user to correct any mistake in his written article. Additionally, the plagiarism detection feature in Grammarly Premium is beneficial for maintaining originality and academic integrity.

Grammarly can be an effective tool for improving writing skills, but it should not completely replace the need for human proofreading. While Grammarly provides convenience and efficiency, human proofreaders can provide nuanced feedback and catch errors that automated tools may miss.

Therefore, users should first consider their writing needs and goals to determine whether Grammarly is worth it for them or not.

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Why is Grammarly the best?

The best part of Grammarly is that it is very easy to use. With the help of this tool, you can easily check spelling, grammar, punctuation and plagiarism and make your article better than others. That’s why Grammarly is a better tool.

Is Grammarly free to use?

Yes, Grammarly offers a free version with basic grammar and spell-checking. Users have free access to Grammarly’s browser extension, online editor, and limited writing insights. If you are a beginner then the free version of Grammarly is sufficient for you.

Do professional writers use Grammarly?

Yes, even professional writers use Grammarly to make their content better and different from others. This tool has everything a content writer need. That’s why professional content writers also use it.

Is it safe to use Grammarly?

Yes, Grammarly takes user privacy and security seriously. It uses encryption to keep user data secure.  Grammarly does not store personal data without user consent and provides transparency regarding data use and storage practices.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

If you go for Grammarly’s Prime Plan and get it annually, it will cost you Rs 984. Which will cost 61% less. If you subscribe to the Business Plan and get paid annually then, it will cost you $15.


In today’s time, Grammarly is known as a better tool that helps in checking spelling, grammar, grammar, plagiarism and other such things. It has become an essential tool for every content writer and student.

I hope that after reading this article, you will have got detailed information about Grammarly such as the benefits of Grammarly premium, Is grammarly good and Is Grammarly worth it. If you still have any doubts, you can let us know. We will try our best to clear your doubts.

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