Membrane Vs Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming Choose the Best One

All of you must be using the keyboard. But do you know about membrane vs mechanical keyboards? Let us know which of these keyboards is preferable for gaming. If you are confused about which keyboard is better for gaming between these two keyboards and want to know about membrane vs mechanical keyboard, then there is no need to worry. In this article we are going to provide you detailed information about all these.

You must be aware that keyboard is used in computer to give input. Therefore, it is also called input device. The user sends his instructions to the computer through the keyboard. Which is processed by the computer and shows its result on the output device i.e. monitor.

Earlier keyboards were mostly used for typing and other normal tasks. But as modern games were launched and users started doing graphical work, the demand for membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards started increasing. Many keyboards are available in the market to perform all these gaming, typing, editing and professional work. Such as flexible keyboards, wireless keyboards, gaming keyboards, membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards etc.

But in today’s article, we will see from a gamer’s point of view membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard and which keyboard is better for gaming. This may give you an idea to choose a better keyboard for yourself. Therefore, read this article till the end so that you will not need to go to any other site.

Membrane Vs Mechanical Keyboard

There are several points on the basis of which we can difference between mechanical and membrane keyboard. So, keeping those points in mind, let’s learn about membrane vs mechanical keyboards for gaming.

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Typing Experience

Membrane keyboard: Actually, there is a rubber layer over the PCB of the membrane keyboard. In this rubber layer, there is a rubber dome at the place where the switch should be. When the user presses a key, the rubber dome below the key gets pressed and touches the PCB. Through that, the keyboard sends information about which key the user has pressed to the CPU. After that, the key pressed by the user appears as output on the monitor.

membrane keyboard

If you use this keyboard for typing for a long time, your fingers will start hurting. This is because a keystroke occurs only after a key is fully pressed on a membrane keyboard. Due to its rubber dome being a bit hard, this keyboard cannot be used for long periods of typing work or gaming.

If you do normal browsing or document editing etc. on the computer then you can use this keyboard.

Mechanical keyboard: All the keys of these mechanical switches work individually. Mechanical switches work by using a physical mechanism to register a key press. Inside a mechanical switch, there are several components, including a housing, a spring, and a stem.

When a key is pressed, the stem moves downwards, depressing the spring. Once the stem reaches a certain point, the spring force overcomes the resistance, causing the switch to “activate.” When activated, the switch registers the keystroke and then sends a signal from the keyboard to the computer.

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Only when the keystroke is registered does the spring return to its original position, allowing the stem to return to its original position. This prepares the switch for another keystroke.

However, these keyboard switches resist keystrokes by moving them up to a point, hence the user does not need to press the switch completely. Keypress can also be done by soft touch. Therefore, users like to use it for long-term typing work, gaming or professional work.


Membrane keyboard: These keyboards are generally less durable. This is because the robber dome installed in it becomes hard and gets damaged after some time. This causes difficulty for the user to press the key and after some time the switch stops working.

Mechanical Keyboard: Mechanical keyboards are known for their durability. Each switch installed in it is individual and not connected to any other. There is no possibility of the switch becoming hard. In fact, these keyboards are designed to withstand 30 to 70 million keystrokes, which makes it ideal for professional typists and gamers.

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Membrane Keyboards: Membrane keyboards have limited customization options. In this, you can get basic features like an adjustable media switch and customization options like RGB light. If there is any problem with its key, it cannot be changed. In this, the user cannot choose the key as per his choice on the keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard: Mechanical keyboards offer extensive customization options. Users can choose their custom switches, keycaps, backlighting effects and programmable macros. If you buy a mechanical keyboard online or offline, you get the option of having RGB light or white light in your keyboard. Apart from this, there is also an option to change the Blue Switch, Brown Switch, Black Switch and Red Switch as per your choice.

mechanical keyboard1

If we look at the membrane vs mechanical keyboard from the customization point of view, then extensive customization options can be found in the mechanical keyboard.

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Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting

Membrane keyboards may have limited key rollover and anti-ghosting capabilities. You must have noticed that when you type quickly on this keyboard, by pressing all the keys carefully, some keys do not get pressed. It gets missed. Due to this, there is a mistake in the sentence you type.

Mechanical keyboards often feature advanced key rollover and anti-ghosting technology. This results in precise and accurate input counts even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. This reduces the possibility of making mistakes in the sentence you write.

This feature makes mechanical keyboards better than other keyboards. If the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards is made regarding Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting, then the mechanical keyboard proves to be better.

Noise Level

If we talk about noise level, membrane keyboards make a lot of noise when you type. This is because there is a rubber dome under the keys. You all must be aware that no sound comes out when rubber is pressed. The sound that comes out in it is of the key only.

The switches of mechanical keyboard are larger than those of membrane keyboard and spring is used inside them. When the user presses these keys, it reaches a saturation point where a sound occurs. Clicky switches like Cherry MX Blue are louder, while linear switches like Cherry MX Red are quieter. This sound shows whether the keystroke is correct or not.

If we look at the membrane vs mechanical keyboard from a noise point of view, than mechanical keyboard produces more noise than the membrane keyboard. But this sound is liked by the users using a mechanical keyboard.

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If we look at the price, membrane keyboard is cheaper. This is because it has simple manufacturing and low production costs.

However, mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane keyboards. It especially has different switches installed in it and all of them are of premium quality. Apart from this, it has the features given in it i.e. different types of colour switches, RGB colour etc. Due to all these features, the mechanical keyboard seems to be of premium quality.

If we look at the price and find out the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboard, then both of them are available in the market at the right price for their respective features and quality. If a beginner gamer or video editor is thinking of buying a mechanical keyboard on a budget, then this price may be too high for him.

Difference Between Membrane and Mechanical keyboard

FeaturesMembrane KeyboardMechanical keyboard
Typing ExperienceHard KeystrokeSoft keystroke
DurabilityLess durable due to rubber domeHighly durable and support millions of keystroke
CustomizationLimited CustomizationHighly durable and supports millions of keystroke
Key Rollover and Anti-GhostingLimited Key Rollover and Anti-GhostingAdvanced key rollover, anti-ghosting and accurate input
Noise LevelQuieter operation during key pressLouder Noise level. Depends on switch types
Suitable ForNormal typing work and casual useGamers, heavy typists, and professionals use

Which is better for Gaming Membrane or Mechanical keyboard?

Nowadays, looking at the games that new gamers or pro gamers are playing and becoming popular, it can be said that mechanical keyboards can prove to be better for them. Anyway, these gamers use mechanical keyboard keeping in mind the tactile feedback and faster actuation of this keyboard.

In this way, only some particular keys of the keyboard are used in playing games. Gamers replace those keys with colourful keys, which changes the look of the keyboard. Apart from this, the keystroke of mechanical keyboard also remains soft which proves to be very helpful in gaming. Therefore, mechanical keyboard is better considering gaming performance.

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Are membrane keyboards durable?

Membrane keyboards are generally less durable than mechanical keyboards. The rubber dome or membrane layer may wear out over time, leading to reduced responsiveness.

Do mechanical keyboards improve typing speed?

The tactile feedback, low actuation force and customizable key layout of the mechanical keyboard make the user’s typing smooth. Because of this it can improve typing speed.

How can a mechanical keyboard be cleaned and maintained?

Mechanical keyboards can be cleaned using compressed air, keycap pullers, and gentle cleaning solutions. Apart from this, a brush is available with some keyboard which can help you in cleaning the keyboard. Regular cleaning of a mechanical keyboard can extend its lifespan.


Only when we compare membrane vs mechanical keyboard is mechanical keyboard better in terms of durability, tactile response, customization options and typing experience. But in terms of price, membrane keyboard is cheaper than mechanical keyboard. For this reason, new gamers or general computer users like to take it.

But a professional gamer or tech enthusiast prefers a mechanical keyboard. This is because those users require its features like durability, customization, and accuracy.

I hope that after reading this article you have understood the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards. Apart from this, you might have also got the answer to which keyboard is better for gaming. If you still have some doubts about the membrane or mechanical keyboard, then you can ask us. We will try our best to clear your doubts.

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