Top 6 Reasons Behind WiFi Connected but No Internet and its Solutions

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WiFi connected but no internet, if we look at this problem, there can be many reasons. But if this problem occurs in your device, then you may think that either there is a problem in the WiFi router or in your connected device.

WiFi connected but no internet access. Many of you must have faced this problem. In most cases, such problems are seen in crowded places like airports, railway stations or hotels. Here, WiFi internet connection is provided for public use.

So let’s clear your doubts in this article. In this article, we will tell you about the reasons for WiFi connected but no internet problem and how it can be fixed.

Why WiFi Connected but No Internet Problem Occur?

When your wifi connected without internet, it can be caused by various factors. Here are some common reasons and potential solutions.

Data package over

The biggest reason behind not being able to access the internet or the internet not working even after being connected to WiFi is due to the data package getting over. In most cases, people forget to recharge their internet connection. Due to this, the ISP stop their internet service. Due to this, the user connects to the WiFi but is unable to access the internet.


If this problem occurs, first check whether your internet connection is recharged or not. If the recharge is over, then recharge it.

Router Issue

Sometimes the WiFi router you are using for an internet connection also has problems. It sometimes hangs and thus does not provide internet access. The internet cable coming to the router also remains loose at times. Most of the time the internet issue occurs in routers due to outdated firmware, hardware malfunctions, overheating, or temporary glitches. Due to this, it fails to provide normal function i.e. internet service.


If all the lights of the router are blinking and the internet is not visible on your device, then you should restart the router once. If the router has hung, then it will be fixed. Apart from this, remove the cable from the router once and connect it again. Even after adopting this method, if there is still a problem with internet connectivity and all the lights of the router are blinking, then contact your internet service provider.

Problem at Internet Service Provider (ISP) side

Sometimes the problem of WiFi connected but no internet can also be from the side of the internet service provider. This is because sometimes the cable gets cut due to bad weather or the ISP shuts down the internet service for some time to do some maintenance work. You do not need to worry about this. If there is such a problem, the service provider fixes it as soon as possible.

IP Address Conflict

An IP address conflict occurs when an IP address is assigned to two devices on the same network. This can sometimes be a mistake by the network engineer or a DHCP server error. If there is an IP conflict, only one device can have internet or both devices can’t access the internet.


If the IP address in WiFi settings is set manually then change it.

  • For this, first right-click on the WiFi icon in the toolbar and click on Open Network & Internet Settings.
wifi properties
  • After that click on Properties given below the WiFi that is connected.
Edit IP setting
  • After scrolling down, the IP setting option will appear. Click on the Edit option and set Automatic DHCP and click on Save.
  • By doing this, your system will take the IP setting automatically and there will be no IP conflict.

Firewall or Software Issue

There are some software and firewalls that disturb internet access. You will be connected to the network but the Internet will not work on your system. In such a situation, you may get frustrated. Usually, problems in internet access occur due to antivirus.


If you have installed any third-party antivirus on your system and due to that you are facing problems accessing the internet, then you can disable or uninstall it. If you are facing a problem accessing the internet due to firewall, then you can disable it temporarily and then run it. Otherwise, you have to reset Windows once.

Proxy Server Issues

If you use a private IP address in a network, then a proxy server will be used in it. But if you give WiFi internet connection to the same system, then the system wifi connected without internet. This is because a proxy is assigned to that system. You can access WiFi internet only when you disable that proxy.


You have to disable the proxy server manually.

  • To do this, right-click on the WiFi icon in the toolbar and click on Open Network & Internet Settings.
  • After that, you will find the Proxy option at the bottom of the left sidebar, click on it.
proxy setting
  • After that, go to the Manual proxy setup and disable that option. This will turn off the proxy.

Additional Steps to Fix Wifi connected but no Internet Error

Run Windows Network Troubleshooter

  • First, go to System Settings which can be done by pressing the Windows + I key.
  • Then go to Update & Security.
  • Click on Troubleshoot and then click on the Additional Troubleshoots option.
  • After that, click on Internet Connections and select Run the troubleshooter.
  • This process finds the error and fixes it automatically.

Check for Malware

To make sure no malware is affecting your connection, run a full system scan with your antivirus software. If you don’t have antivirus installed, you can also scan with Windows Security.

  • Press Windows + I
  • Then click on Update & Security
  • Go to Windows security and click on virus and threat protection.
  • After that, click on Quick scan.


I hope that after reading this article, you all would have known why the WiFi connected but no internet problem occurs and how to fix it. If you still have any kind of doubt in your mind regarding this problem, then you can tell us. We will try our best to solve your doubts.

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!!Thank you for reading this article!!

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