7 Most Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Network

All of you must be using computer networks every day. But do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of computer network? Computer Network Definition, the benefits of using a computer network? If you have come to our site looking for this, then you have come to the right place.

In this post, we have talked about computer network definition, important advantages and disadvantages of computer networks. After reading this the doubts in your mind will definitely be cleared. So, what’s the delay let’s start.

Computer Network Definition

Basically, a computer network is a group of two or more computing devices. In this, every connected device can share its data with each other and can communicate.

A computer network is a group of interconnected devices that communicate with each other through a transmission medium to exchange data and share resources. Networks can be made small or large by means of cables, modems, or routers, a global network connecting billions of devices.

There are many types of networks. But some of the important network names are

  • Local Area Network(LAN)
  • Wide Area Network(WAN)
  • Metropolitan Area Network(MAN)
  • Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN)
  • Campus Area Network(CAN)

Computer networks allow users to share resources such as documents, photos, videos, and applications. They also enable communication and collaboration between users, allowing them to send and receive messages, hold video conferences, and share information in real-time.

Additionally, computer networks facilitate data storage and backup, making it easier to manage and access data.

The role of computer network is most important nowadays. Because of this, all the users easily send their information to others and can communicate with each other.

Let’s know about the advantages & disadvantages of computer network.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Network

Due to the computer network, today whatever you are looking for on the Internet, you can easily find it. If you want to see a friend or family member living far away from you, then you can also see them live.

All these facilities have been possible because of the computer network. So, in today’s blog post, we will learn about some of the advantages of computer network.

Advantages of Computer Network

Resource Sharing

One of the important advantages of computer networking is resource sharing. When some computers are connected in a network, resources such as printers, scanners, and storage can be shared between them.

Under this facility allows resources like printers and scanners to be shared with multiple computers. This reduces the cost. For example, a printer, fax machine, or scanner is shared and installed in an organization or office. So, that more users can use it. This is possible because of the computer network.

File Sharing

File Sharing

As you all know that due to the network, we all can share information on our computer, laptop or mobile with other users. Apart from this, we can remotely access another user’s computer or laptop and share access to the files in it. This is also one of the important advantages of computer network.



The network allows users to collaborate on projects and share information in real time. With the help of these facilities like instant messaging and video conferencing, users can easily communicate and collaborate even when they are in different locations.

This is especially important in today’s fast-growth business environment, where teams are often spread across different geographic locations.

Apart from this, nowadays the education system has started going online. Most of the training and meetings take place on the Zoom platform. Due to this, all the people who are in other places can unite and make decisions on particular things.

Centralized Management

Computer networking allows centralized management of devices and resources. Network administrators can remotely manage and monitor networking devices, ensuring they are working properly. If any problem arises, it can be solved quickly. This reduces the need for on-site support, saving time and money.

Improved Data Security

The data transmitted over the network is protected by various protocols and security measures. Encryption and access control can be used to protect data from unauthorized access, while firewalls and intrusion detection systems can be used to prevent malicious attacks.

If there is any type of error or any type of virus found in the data before coming to the network, then it does not provide access to send that file to another. It is also one of the important facilities of computer network.

Improved Performance

Networking helps improve the performance of devices on a network. For example, network devices are configured to optimize data flow, reduce congestion, and improve overall network performance. Additionally, the use of network storage devices helps provide faster access to data and improves the overall speed of the system.

Saving Storage

The application of computer networks plays an important role. In the computer network, all the applications or important data are saved on the hard drive of the server computer.

For example, you must be running Gmail, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc applications. All the data that you share on your profile through these applications is not stored in your mobile or computer hard drive, but is stored in the server.

Because of this, the computer storage of all the users using the computer network is not used. There is no need to store data in it.

Disadvantages of Computer Network

We get many benefits from the use of computer network. But along with these advantages, some disadvantages also remain in the computer network. So let’s know about the disadvantages of computer network.

Security Risk

Security Risk

You must have heard about some of the security threats to computer networks, such as hacking, virus and malware attacks, etc. If a network is not properly secured, it becomes easier for hackers to steal sensitive information. Due to this, you can lose the data in your network and can be a victim of various problems.

So, this is the major disadvantage of computer network.

Dependency on technology

When the network fault occurs or experiences any technical issue, it can disrupt business operations and cause delays. Every organization and government offices are dependent on the computer network. Because every work has been done online.

But when the server is down or the site does not open due to technical problems in the network, then whatever work has to be done starts getting delayed.


Computer networks are expensive to set up and maintain. The equipment used in this, such as software and ongoing maintenance, has to be done on a daily basis. Otherwise, there are many chances of network down. Its maintenance cost is high.

Technical expertise


Installing and maintaining a computer network requires specialized technical knowledge. It requires a network administrator to operate. If there is any kind of technical problem in the network, the network administrator can solve it.

Every organization may need to hire IT professionals to manage its network. That’s why every organization has 3 or more IT professionals appointed who can handle the entire network engaged in that organization.

Bandwidth limitations

As more devices are connected to the network, the bandwidth of the network slowly goes down. This causes slow internet speed and other performance issues. Also, this causes bad user experience.


Computer networks are complex and difficult to understand, especially for non-technical users. Apart from this, designing and connecting computer networks is a very complex task.

This makes it challenging to troubleshoot problems and make any changes to the network.

Health Problem

Health problem

Computer networks give you access to a range of services such as entertainment, gaming and movies. These things make you addicted to the content. Like in today’s time, once you start watching YouTube shorts, Instagram reels etc, you don’t feel like stopping.

This excessive screen time makes you lethargic and gives rise to sore eyes and unnecessary worries in your mind. Therefore, avoid seeing all these things as much as possible and enjoy the real nature.

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In conclusion, computer networks offer many advantages and disadvantages to organizations of all sizes. As technology advances, networking will continue to play an essential role in our digital lives.

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