7 Ways to Fix Dell Laptop Sound Not Working Windows 10

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Recently I had a problem that Dell laptop sound not working. Are you also facing sound not working problem in your Dell laptop? If so then there is nothing to worry about. In this article, we will tell you how to fix Dell laptop sound not working problem. Please read this article completely.

Dell is a very popular laptop brand which is used by many people. But it is not that Dell laptops do not have problems. It cannot be said that there are no defects in all the electronic devices around the world. Every device has some faults, no matter how good the device is.

This sound not working problem can be created due to software or hardware faults. There are many reasons due to which Dell laptop sound not working problem can be created. So let us know about those reasons and how to fix that problem.

Why Dell laptop Sound Not Working Problem Occur?

There can be many reasons for sound not working in laptop. Some of the important reasons are, such as

  • Software conflict
  • Outdated audio driver
  • Audio setting change
  • Hardware fault
  • Problem in Windows

Due to all these reasons, we usually face problems like sound not working on laptops. In most of the cases, this sound-related problem occurs due to software. Because we install many kinds of software and drivers in the laptop. Any conflict between them or problems in the Windows system files due to this software can also cause problems in the sound driver.

If I talk about hardware issue, then the sound problem occurs only when the PCB circuit is cut, the water damaged, the sound jack is short or there is any IC-related problem.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Sound Not Working Windows 10?

If you have a Dell laptop and facing the problem of sound not working then you can try the solutions given below. Fix all types of sound problems of your Dell laptop easily by following these solutions.

Check Sound Setting

First of all, check the sound settings of your laptop if there is a sound problem. This is because sometimes while increasing or decreasing the volume, some settings get changed. Due to this, the sound stops coming. So, if you have changed the sound settings and after that the sound has stopped coming, then reset the sound settings.

  • To reset, first right-click on the Sound icon given in the toolbar.
  • After that click on the Open Sound Settings option.
sound setting
  • By doing this the sound option will open. Scroll down and click on the Advanced Sound option.
Reset sound setting
  • In the Advanced option, the Reset option will appear below, in which you have to click and reset the sound settings.

Restart Your Laptop

Sometimes there is a conflict in the system files of Windows or some driver or tool stops working in the system after installing some software. Due to this also, issues like sound not working can occur in the laptop. Therefore, many times the problem gets solved by restarting the laptop.

Actually, the biggest reason to restart a laptop or computer is to refresh its state and fix temporary files and normal system issues. Over time, as you start using many software programs on your laptop, many programs start running in the background. You will not see this anywhere except the task manager.

If software programs start running in the background of the computer, the computer will start running slow and conflicts will start in the software. Similarly, if the laptop is restarted, all running processes will stop and a fresh start will provide a clean slate. This is a way to solve minor software-related problems and bring the laptop to a fresh condition.

Restart the Windows Explorer

Restarting Windows Explorer has the chance of fixing problems related to system stability and file management. If Windows Explorer does not work properly, then problems like software issues, file folders not opening properly, frequent system crashes or opening one file and then opening another start to occur.

Therefore, restarting Windows Explorer solves all these problems. To restart Windows Explorer, follow the steps given below.

  • First, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete key and select the Task Manager option.
windows explorer restart
  • After that, right click on Windows Explorer and click on Restart.
  • By doing this, Windows Explorer will restart and the sound and other problems in your laptop will be fixed.

Restart Audio Service

If your Dell laptop has any audio driver related or audio service-related issues, then you can restart the audio service. This may solve the no sound problem. To restart the audio service, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Press Windows + S key to open Search option and type Services and hit Enter key.
Restart audio Service
  • After the service list opens, scroll down and search for Windows Audio and Windows Sandpoint Builder service options.
  • Right-click on both these options and click on Restart Service.
  • If any audio problem related to service is occurring in your laptop, then it will definitely get fixed.

Update Audio Driver

If you are facing sound not working issue in Dell laptop then outdated driver can be one of the reasons. To fix this, you will have to update the audio driver.

  • To update the audio driver, right click on This PC and click on Manage option.
  • Go to Manage and click on Device Manager option in the left sidebar.
  • After that you will get a list of all the drivers installed in your laptop.
update audio driver
  • Expand the Audio input and output driver and right click on the Speaker option and click on Update.
  • After that click on Search automatically for driver. It will update the driver automatically from the internet.

Windows Update

If the audio driver of a laptop as well as Windows becomes outdated, it redirects you to Windows Update at the time of driver update. Hence, one should always keep Windows up to date. To update Windows, follow the steps given below.

  • To update Windows 10/11, press Windows + I key then go into Settings option.
  • Then click on Update & Security.
  • Click on Check for updates and Install any available updates and restart your computer if prompted.

Reset Windows or Install Windows OS

If after following all the above methods, your laptop is still facing the sound not working problem, then there is only one option left to fix it. You will have to reset Windows or reinstall the Windows operating system in your laptop. Follow the steps given below to reset Windows.

  • Press Windows + I key to open Setting
update security
  • Then click on Update & Security option.
  • Click on Recovery option which is show in left sidebar.
  • In Reset this PC, click on Get Started option and click on Keep my files.
  • Always keep this thing in mind that do not keep your important data in ā€œCā€ drive. Store your important data in some other drive before resetting.

Hardware Issue To fix Sound Not Working

If the above software solutions do not solve your Dell laptop sound not working problem, then it may be a hardware problem. If you can solve the hardware-related issue of your laptop, then try it. Otherwise, let the professional solve the hardware issue.

Audio Jack

In hardware issues, the major problem is in the audio jack or the cable connection from IC to the audio jack. If there is a problem with that cable, then change it.

Sometimes when you are watching or listening to a movie, video or audio by plugging earphones in laptop, but suddenly removing that cable stops the sound in your laptop speaker. Such sound stops coming when the audio jack gets shorted. To fix this, you have to insert the jack of your earphone in the audio slot of the laptop and remove it slowly.

If this does not fix the problem, then the audio jack of the laptop will have to be changed. Apart from this, the no sound problem can also occur due to water damage to the audio IC or the IC getting damaged. Therefore, to solve this hardware problem, contact the Dell service center or else get it fixed by a professional.

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The Dell laptop sound not working Windows 10 issue can trouble you. But we have given you the best suggestion of how to fix it in this article. I hope that after reading this article you will be able to fix the sound not working problem of your laptop. If you are still facing problem in your laptop then you can tell us. We will try to give you better advice.

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