6 Importance of Web browser – Is Microsoft Edge Better than Chrome

Do you use both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on your computer? Is Microsoft Edge better than Chrome? Are you confused about these questions? If so then there is nothing to worry about. In this article, we will discuss about the importance of web browser in modern computing, the Difference between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and will also know about which is better Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Nowadays everyone spends many hours on the Internet, whether it is mobile or computer. If we talk about Google Chrome and Edge, then Chrome browser runs more on both mobile and computer. Whereas Microsoft Edge was first released with the Windows 10 operating system and it comes pre-installed with the Windows operating system.

Both these browsers work better at their respective places. Every browser has some pros and cons. It can be recognized by someone who uses both of these browsers. So, friends, let us know is Microsoft Edge better than Chrome or is Chrome better than Microsoft Edge.

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Importance of Web browser in Modern Computing

Web browsers play a very important role in today’s modern computing era. Through this web browser, the user can get his query and required information from the internet and clear their doubts. So let us know about some importance of web browser which helps the user in accessing the internet easily.

Gateway to the Internet

However, there are some applications made for mobiles that help in accessing those particular sites. But if we talk about a computer, it is mandatory to have a web browser which acts as a gateway to access the internet. Users can easily access websites, web applications, multimedia content and online services through it. Accessing and navigating the Internet without a web browser can be challenging for users.

Multimedia Consumption

All web browsers can handle multimedia content easily. Multimedia content such as streaming, 4K video play, audio streams, animations, graphics tasks, etc. All these multimedia tasks require a web browser to be visible to the user. Except for some multimedia content, all other content is served by web browsers. Therefore, the need for a web browser is very important to easily run online multimedia tasks on your computer.

Information Retrieval

In a web browser, you get a search engine, bookmark and history features etc. Through this, you can get information about the site you browsed a few days ago or a few months ago. If you have bookmarked a site in your web browser, you can check that site later too. You will find it in the bookmarks section of your browser. Apart from this, you can also import and export the list of bookmarked sites.

Using the web browser, users can search for the topics they need and save important websites as bookmarks for later reference. Browsing history lets you revisit previously visited sites.

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E-commerce and Online Transactions

Accessing all e-commerce websites requires a web browser on the computer. It provides a secure connection so you can easily do online shopping, banking and online transactions etc.

Web browsers support protocols like Https, thereby maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data through online transactions.

Productivity and Work

Many productivity functions like online form filling, applying for government certificates, cloud-based services etc. can be accessed through web browsers only. Because you can do all these tasks only after being online. Apart from this, you can create, edit and share your spreadsheets, and presentations, through many online digital platforms.


Many tasks are done in a web browser. To make those tasks easier, the browser provides features called extensions. Like when you write an email, and you want to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in what you write, then you can use the Grammarly extension. If you do not want to see the ads on the browsing sites, then you can use the ad blocker extension.

Similarly, you will find many extensions in web browsers. Some extensions like Grammarly, Chat GPT, Google Input Tool, Scribber, Translator, etc. These extensions make your work easier.

The web browser has become an integral software in modern computing. It helps the user in various tasks like internet browsing, information, communication, collaboration, productivity, e-commerce and entertainment. Therefore, the importance of web browsers is crucial in today’s computing.

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Overview of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was usually launched with Windows 10. This browser was created by Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer. In 2022, Microsoft discontinued Internet Explorer and announced Microsoft Edge as the default browser.

microsoft edge
Credit: Microsoft Edge

This Microsoft Edge browser is supported in operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux. This browser comes preinstalled in Windows operating system i.e. Windows 10 and 11. As soon as you install this operating system, this browser will also be installed in your system.

In 2020, Microsoft released a new version of Edge based on Chromium so that this browser can compete with all other browsers. We will learn about this in detail below. All the work which was earlier done in Internet Explorer is now done in Edge browser. But if we look at it, its use is very less.

Overview of Google Chrome

Google chrome
Credit: Google Chrome

This Google Chrome browser was launched in 2008. It was developed by Google. The browser also utilizes the Chromium open-source project, making it compatible with modern web standards and technologies. This browser is the most used browser in the world.

Due to it having many features, fast web browsing solutions as well as being user-friendly, people use it more. You get many features in the Chrome Web Store such as different extensions, themes, and productivity tools. You can customize the Chrome browser as per your choice.

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Difference between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

AspectGoogle ChromeMicrosoft Edge
Release20082015 but relaunched in 2020 using Chromium engine
PerformanceIt supports fast page loading, efficient resource management, hardware accelerationFast performance, low resource usage, supports hardware acceleration
User InterfaceClean and minimalist design with customizable themes, bookmarks, tabs, search engine and extensionsIt’s modern and clean design integrates well with Windows 10/11 aesthetics, customizable themes, Dark Mode, Immersive Reader, Bookmarks and Favorites and extensions
Privacy & SecurityThere are regular updates to provide better privacy and security and keep the browser secure.Emphasis on regular updates to security patches and features
ExtensionsTo access these extensions features, one has to go to the Chrome Web Store.To access extensions in Microsoft Edge, you have to open the Microsoft Edge Add-ons store.
SynchronizationSyncs browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, and settings across all login devicesSyncs browsing history, favorites, bookmarks, passwords, and settings across devices, even in Edge
CompatibilityCompatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and AndroidCompatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
IntegrationIntegrates with Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Maps, Google Photos, etc. Provides strong support for Google WorkspaceSupports Microsoft services like Bing, Microsoft 365 etc. and some of Google’s tools and seamless integration with Windows 10.
Market ShareIts market share is higher than all other browsers.Its market share is increasing, especially on Windows devices.

Is Microsoft Edge Better Than Chrome?

From the above comparisons, you must have come to know that both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are almost equal in terms of features, faster browsing capability and customizations. If this question is coming to your mind Is Microsoft Edge better than Chrome, then it depends on which browser people use more. If so, then Google Chrome is better than Microsoft Edge.

Despite having many features in Microsoft Edge, it is used less than Google Chrome. If the user prefers the features, speed and low resource consumption of Microsoft Edge then Edge can be a better browser than Google Chrome.

If you are still confused about these two browsers and are looking for the answer to the question Is Microsoft Edge better than Chrome, then it depends on you which browser you like better. Because both browsers have some advantages and some disadvantages. But which one you like best, depends on you.

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Is Edge safer than Google Chrome?

Both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome offer strong security while browsing the internet. Along with protecting from online threats, it also keeps the browser updated. That said, the notion of one browser being inherently “safer” than another is not entirely straightforward. Secure features depend on various factors such as user behaviour, system configuration, and timely application of security patches.

If we compare secure browsers between these two then Microsoft Edge is slightly more secure. So, the answer is “YES”. However, consumers should bear in mind that they can improve their online security by exercising safe browsing habits, utilising trusted security software, and staying aware of phishing and malware attacks.

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If seen this way, both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers are better at their respective places for their features and customizations. There are some advantages and disadvantages between the two which can be known only by using them. However, due to Google Chrome being launched earlier and due to its features and updates, it is used by more people. Since Edge came into the market later, people use it less.

I hope that after reading this article, you would have understood the differences between Microsoft Edge and Chrome browser. Apart from this, you might have got answers to questions like the Importance of Web browser in Modern Computing, Is Microsoft Edge better than Chrome and Is Edge safer than Google Chrome.

If you still have any kind of doubt then you can ask us, we will try our best to solve your doubt. If you liked this article and learned something then share this as much as possible.

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