Is 128GB SSD Enough for Windows 10/11 – A Better Guide of SSD

A common question that comes to your mind, Is 128GB SSD Enough for Windows 10/11 when you using Windows 10/11 operating system. This question is bound to come to your mind. So, in this blog post, we will discuss Is a 128GB SSD enough for Windows 11 system or not and many factors of the same.

If you do not use much storage or do official work, then a 128GB SSD is Enough for your Windows 11 system. But if you do video editing, photography or more storage-related work then you may find 128GB SSD storage less. So, in this blog post, we will also know about how this problem can be solved. So, without delay let us know Is a 128GB SSD Enough for Windows 11?

Importance of storage in a computer system

Storage plays an important role in computer systems. Due to the storage capacity of the computer, the operating system and other software can be installed in it. This starts the computer and users can use it according to their work. So, let’s know how the importance of storage in computer systems.

  • Even when the computer is shut off, storage enables long-term data retention. Users may keep and access documents, media files, and software programmes for a long time with this.
  • For the purpose of storing files and data, storage offers a structured and organised framework. It enables quick file search and effective data management by allowing users to construct folders, directories, and file hierarchies.
  • The operating system and software programs are stored on the storage. Users perform many tasks in the computer using this software that is in the storage. This enables the computer to perform a variety of activities.
  • The entire performance of a computer system is impacted by the speed and performance of storage devices. Greater system responsiveness is achieved by reducing boot times, programme start times, and file access times using faster storage devices like solid-state drives (SSDs).
  • Storage provides the ability to expand storage capacity as needs grow. Additional hard drives, SSD, or cloud storage options can be added to accommodate growing data requirements.

Storage Requirement for OS

An essential factor in computer systems is the operating system’s (OS) need for storage. The operating system (OS) is the fundamental system software that administers and maintains the computer’s hardware and application software resources. It contains crucial parts such the kernel, drivers, and system files necessary for the machine to run.

Depending on the kind and version of the OS, different OS have different storage needs. The typical storage space needs for modern operating systems like Windows 10, macOS, and Linux versions are between 20 to 40 gigabytes (GB). Newer or more feature-rich versions, however, can need more storage.

Storage requirement

  • Windows 10- 16 GB for 32-bit OS or 20 GB for 64-bit OS.
  • Windows 11- 64 GB or greater disk space
  • MAC OS- 35 GB storage space

Is 128GB SSD Enough for Windows 10?

All you had to worry about was is a 128GB SSD is enough for Windows 11. Yes, that is the response to this query. It depends on a number of factors. The newest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 11, has certain storage needs in addition to its interesting new features. Given that Windows 11 has a 64GB minimum storage requirement, a 128GB SSD should be enough for it.

However, the size of the installation may work in Windows 11. But it is necessary to consider the space required for system updates and additional software installations and important user files. All these keep updating over time and occupy the storage of the computer. Which potentially reduces the available storage.

If you do web browsing or official work like Word, Excel, etc. on your computer, then 128GB SSD storage is sufficient for you. However, if you plan to install large applications or work with media files or games, you can quickly fill up the space.

Regular maintenance, such as deleting unnecessary files and using cloud storage or external drives for large files, can help manage space effectively. Ultimately, the decision of whether a 128GB SSD enough for Windows 11 is depends on your personal usage and storage needs.

Optimizing Space on a 128GB SSD

To maximize the available space on a 128GB SSD, employing effective space optimization techniques is essential. Here are some strategies:

  • Uninstall Unnecessary Applications: Remove any unnecessary applications or programs from your system to free up storage space.
  • Clear Temporary Files: Regularly clear temporary files, caches, and temporary internet files to reclaim storage space.
  • Move Files to External Storage: Transfer large files, such as movies or infrequently accessed data, to an external storage device to free up space on the SSD.
  • Use online Storage: To save data and reduce the load on the SSD, make use of cloud-based storage platforms like OneDrive or Google Drive.
  • Install OS on SSD: If possible then use an HDD for storage of personal data and documents. Use the SSD for only the operating system. Don’t store your data on a desktop or operating system drive.

Impact of Installed Applications on Storage Space

The number and size of installed applications significantly affect storage requirements. Productivity apps, Graphic design software, and games typically consume significant storage space. Evaluate your software needs to see whether a 128GB SSD can accommodate them comfortably.

Additionally, some applications generate temporary files or cache data while they are being used. It increases the amount of storage needed. It’s critical to constantly check the storage available and delete programmes that aren’t being utilised to clear up space.

When looking at the question of Is a 128GB SSD enough for Windows 11, it’s important to consider future needs. Over time, more space may be required for software updates, installation of new applications and increasing storage requirements. So, assess your long-term needs and determine whether your system needs a higher-capacity SSD or external storage.

If you are storing more apps and data in your computer, then you should use a 128 GB SSD in your system and 1 TB HDD according to the data. With this, you can install your operating system and other applications in SSD and store the rest of the important data in hard disk drive. This will make your system run fast and there will be no shortage of storage.


Experts generally recommend choosing a higher-capacity SSD, such as 256GB or 512GB, for the optimal Windows 11 experience. While a 128GB SSD may work, it may require regular management and conscientious use to ensure sufficient space is available.

Ultimately, if you optimize space, manage installed apps, and carefully monitor storage usage, a 128GB SSD may be sufficient for Windows 10/11. However, given the growing storage requirements of modern software and user data. It is recommended to invest in a higher-capacity SSD or use external storage options for long-term usability and convenience. Evaluate your specific needs, usage patterns, and future needs to make an informed decision tailored to your computing goals.

I hope that after reading Is 128GB SSD Enough for Windows 10 article today, you must have come to know how much storage space you should keep in your Windows 10/11 computer system. If still you have any doubt in your mind, then you can tell us. We will definitely solve your doubts. It has always been our endeavor to clear the doubts in the minds of our readers.

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