Is CPU Input or Output Device & 6 Types of CPU

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Is CPU input or output device?

The computer is an electronic device in which many devices are connected. Only then it is easy for the computer to run. Usually, there are 4 types of units in a computer.

  • Input unit
  • Output unit
  • Processing unit
  • Storage unit

The full form of CPU is called Central Processing Unit. There is a brain inside a human being and it gives instructions to him to do some work and controls the whole body.

Just like there is a brain inside a human being, in the same way, the brain of a computer is the CPU. The job of the CPU is to process the instruction given by the user. It is one of the important parts of computer. That’s why CPU is called Central Processing Unit.

When the user enters any information or data into the computer, only then he uses the input device. For example, if the user has to search for something on the Internet, then he uses the mouse and keyboard. He types in the keyboard what he wants to search and clicks the right thing with the mouse.

When the user gives his input, the CPU goes to process that input. The CPU processes that input until it gets the correct result. This process is of very few seconds which we do not know.

As soon as the CPU gets the correct result, it sends that result to the Output Device. After that, the output device presents the result Infront of the user.

From this you must have come to know that the CPU is neither an input device nor an output device.

What types of device is CPU?

We have told above that the CPU is considered as the brain of the computer. It processes the instructions given by the user. That’s why it is kept under the processing unit. It is also called a processing device.

All the arithmetic or logical operations that are performed in the computer are possible only through the CPU.

We also know CPU by the name as the processor. In today’s time, many processors have been invented. The working speed of all processors varies. Some of the processor examples are Pentium Processor, Core 2 Duo, Dual Core, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, AMD, etc.

Types of CPU Use in Computer

Till date, 6 types of CPU have been developed for computer system.

  • Single core
  • Dual-core
  • Quad-core
  • Hexa core
  • Octa-core
  • Deca core

Single Core

Single core CPU is one of the earliest CPUs. Earlier, not many tasks were performed on the computer. The computer was developed for calculation. A single-core CPU was developed using a single microprocessor to perform that task.

In this processor, only one task is performed at the same time. Which is very less according today’s time. Multitasking cannot be done using this CPU. it is comparatively slower than other CPUs. The performance, speed and power of the CPU depend on its clock speed.

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Basically, a dual-core processor has 2 cores inside a CPU. It works like 2 CPUs. It is better than single-core and also for multitasking. This CPU is capable of executing more than one task at a time.

Dual-core CPU are faster than single-core CPU in terms of performance, speed, and power, but slower than 4-core CPUs.


It is known by the name of quad-core that it is a 4-core CPU. This quad-core CPU has the capability to perform multiple tasks at a time. In this, any work is divided into 4 parts, due to which the work is processed and executed very quickly.

By using this processor, you can do video editing, gaming, programming, graphic designing, etc. on your computer. This CPU is more efficient than single-core and dual-core CPUs.

Hexa core

Hexa core has 6 cores. Due to having 6 cores in it, its performance, speed and power are better than the previous CPU. It is better at doing multitasking work. Hexa core CPU was first launched in Intel Core i7.


Octa-core CPU is 8 cores. To do any task, it divides that task into 8 parts. Due to this, it takes very less time to complete that task. It is capable of completing multiple tasks at a time.

Generally, this types of CPU is used in better computers and laptops. So that big things can be done in those computers. Because its performance is more.

Deca core

This Deca Core CPU is 10 cores. It performs better than all the CPUs till date. Due to having more cores than all the processors in it, it can complete more tasks at the same time.

Using this CPU, you can do 3d animation, VFX, 3D gaming etc.


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