9 Major Types of Networking Devices in Computer Network

In today’s post, we are going to talk about what are networking devices in computer network and the major types of network devices. A network device is a type of device that is used to run the Internet. This device simplifies data transmission over the Internet and helps the data reach its correct destination.

In the world where we live, everyone is connected to each other. Information is exchanged all the time in the world. This is possible because in the digital world everything is interconnected.

We share information with each other through digital media, and some devices are helpful in carrying out this work. The devices are called networking devices. So, lets talk about the types of network devices used in our computer network.

Types of Networking Devices in Computer Network

These network devices are all physical devices that provide internet service to computers and all other electronic devices in the network. Out of all the network devices, there are 9 important devices, which we will know about in this post. Let’s start.


The function of a modem is to modulate and demodulate the signal. The computer always understands binary digits like 0s and 1s. Whenever the computer sends data, that data remains in digital form and also receives it in the digital form itself. But the data does not travel through the digital medium in the Internet cable. So it is the work of the modem to make this digital to analogue and analogue to the digital medium.


A digital signal cannot be transmitted through an analogue medium. Therefore, the digital signal is converted into an analog signal. That’s why a modem is used on it, which acts as a modulator.

An analogue signal cannot be transmitted through a digital medium. Therefore, analogue signal is converted into a digital signal. On that modem is used, which acts as a demodulator.


A switch is a network device that plays a key role in a local area network. A switch is used to connect multiple computers and communicate with each other. When one computer sends data to another computer, the switch checks the data properly. After that send it to the correct destination.


Each computer on a local area network has an IP address. Therefore, the switch sends the data to the computer to which the data needs to go. If any data is noisy or corrupt, the switch breaks it and sends a signal to the sender to send the data once again.

Switches are intelligent devices because it has memory to maintain all the host or computer addresses of the network, which host is connected to which port of the switch in this address table, and it is also stored in that memory.

A switch is a full-duplex device in which a computer can send and receive data simultaneously. It is used at the office and also in the home.


A router is a networking device that serves to send data from one network to another. When the router starts sending data, it first analyses the data packet, then it checks which route is to be sent, then it sends the data packet to the destination.


A router normally connects LANs and WANs on the Internet and has a routing table that is used for making decisions about the route. The routing tables are normally dynamic and are updated using routing protocols.

Nowadays WIFI router is available in the market. These routers are installed at home and in small offices so that they can provide WIFI to all smartphones and other network devices. This router also works as a switch because it has some ports. So that a LAN connection can also be done.

This router gets a broadband connection from ISP (Internet Service Provider) and it gives WIFI access to all computers and networking devices.


When a signal travels in the network, after travelling some distance, that signal becomes weak or corrupt. So a repeater is used to solve the problem. When the signal becomes weak, they copy the signal bit by bit and regenerate it at the original strength.


An Ethernet card is a network interface card that is installed on a computer motherboard. A LAN connection provides a network to the computer through this.

An Ethernet cable connects the computer to the network via an Ethernet card. Ethernet cards can support data transfer between 10 Mbps and 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps). Each Ethernet card has a MAC address, which helps to uniquely identify computers on the network.


Rj45 is also called Registered Jack 45. This is an 8-Pin connector network device. This is a connector type that is inserted by punching a LAN cable.

It uses an Ethernet cable exclusively for networking. It is placed in the first and last part of the LAN cable. Basically, it is a small plastic plug that fits into the RJ-45 jack of an Ethernet card present in various computing devices.    


Hub is basically a multiport repeater. Hubs connect multiple wires coming from different computers. Hub cannot filter data, so data packets are sent to all connected devices. It can be used to create multiple levels of the hierarchy of stations.


A gateway is a networking device that connects two networks together that may work upon different networking models. Gateway can translate information between different network data formats or network architectures. it can connect data according to the protocol. A gateway can be used to connect a personal computer network to a mainframe computer network.


A bridge is a communication device that transfers data from one network to another based on physical addresses. When data is sent from one network to another network, the bridge first filters that data packet and finds out the MAC address and destination address of that data packet. After that it sends that data packet to its correct destination.

This bridge connects networks running on two identical protocols. The bridge operates at the network access layer in the TCP/IP protocol stack.

How network devices work?

To improve communication and data sharing inside a computer network, network devices play an important role. Each network device serves a specific purpose as well as enhances the overall functionality, dependability and security of the network infrastructure.


Through this article, we have provided all of you with complete information about what is networking devices and 9 major types of network devices. Apart from this, the use of all these networking devices in computer network has been told.

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