10 Major Limitations of Computer Systems

Hello friends, do you know about the limitations of computer system? If not then don’t worry, in this article we have explained in detail about the major limitations of computer system in simple language. After reading it once, you will not need to go to any book or any other site to read it.

We humans have created computers. Whatever work we are unable to do, we do it through computers. For this, we have made the computer so capable that it can work faster than us and that too with accuracy.

Nowadays computers are capable of doing all kinds of work in every field. Like automobile, robotics, military, medicine etc. that too very easily. Everyone from children to old people can operate computers easily. This is because computer, apart from being a user-friendly machine, also makes the work of humans easier.

But computers have some limitations due to which they are not able to do all the work in the world. So let us know what are the limitations of computers, due to which they are inferior to humans.

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What is a Computer?


Computer is an electronic machine which was developed by a person named Charles Babbage. Generally this computer was made to perform calculations. But as technology changed, computers started upgrading. But from the beginning till today the computer works in the same way.

The computer always takes input through input devices, then processes that input data and displays it to the user through output devices. The user can give input instructions to the computer and see the output but cannot know how to process that instruction in the computer. That work is done according to the instructions given to the computer. How quickly and accurately a computer does that work determines its performance.

The computer has many features. In the previous article, we discussed about 12 features of computers. If you are curious to know about him then you read that too.

Along with the features of the computer, there are also some limitations. which we will know today.

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What are the Limitations of Computer system?

There are many features and limitations of computers. But some of them are also important. Those limitations are,

  • Lack of Intelligence in computer
  • No thinking power
  • Virus threat
  • No Feelings
  • Can’t take a Decision on own
  • Dependents on User
  • Inability to express thoughts
  • No learning power
  • Can’t implement
  • Depends on Power

Lack of Intelligence in Computer

A computer is a machine made by humans. It takes the instructions given by the user as input and processes those instructions. Computers do not have intelligence like humans.

A computer is made up of both hardware and software. The software used in it is also programmed by humans. The software is programmed in such a way that it knows how to execute which instructions. The computer follows the program and executes the instructions given as input.

When a computer is given a lot of work to do, it analyzes that work and operates all those tasks according to the program present inside it. The computer’s processor is already programmed. A computer cannot execute any work using its intelligence.

If the user gives the wrong input to the computer, then the computer itself cannot correct that instruction and gives the wrong output. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used extensively in today’s computers. It can produce human-like sounds and graphics to some extent, but these technologies do not have human-like intelligence.

That is why the Lake of Intelligence would be considered one of the major limitations of computers.

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No thinking power

computer thinking power

Computers do not have the power to think. There are many instructions in computer software so that it decides which task to do and how to do it and executes it. But if the computer is given to do the work which is not available in that software, then the computer is not able to do it. For this, the user has to be involved.

A computer cannot do any work by thinking on its own. They can’t think like humans. This is because if the computer thinks like humans, it will leave humans behind and in case of any problem, it will not be possible for the user to solve it.

Nowadays, concepts like Artificial Intelligence are being used in computers so that the computer can think on its own. But it comes within a limited scope. That is why no thinking power is considered the limit of a computer.

Virus threat

computer virus

A computer virus is a program created by humans. It is designed to cause harm to other computers and networks. This computer virus corrupts the data stored in the computer i.e. documents, videos, software etc. Due to this, the computer does not work properly and the documents do not open.

However, the computer does not have any such solution that can block these viruses or protect the computer. For this, a program like an antivirus has to be installed on the computer. The computer does any work by understanding these programs.

That’s why a virus threat is considered a limitation of computer system.

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No Feelings

A computer is an electronic machine. It is capable of performing arithmetic and logical operations. The computer performs a task very fast and accurately. But it does not happen that if you give wrong instructions to the computer, then the computer will feel bad and cry.

This does not happen because the computer is a machine and it does not have any feelings. It cannot judge which thing is good and which thing is bad.

If you are asked to work for 24 hours, then you will get tired while working and will spend a lot of time doing that work. But this does not apply to the case with computers. The computer never gets tired. No matter how much work is given to the computer, it does properly and completes that task on time.

There are no feelings in the computer, so it is considered on the basis of limitations.

Can’t take a Decision on own

We humans have the wisdom to decide what is right and what is wrong, good or bad. We have the knowledge, information, and intelligence to take these decisions. by which we decide before doing any work.

But the computer does not have any such knowledge, information, or IQ of its own so that it can decide whether it is right or wrong before doing any work. The computer completes a task with a set of instructions. it doesn’t matter if it is right or wrong. So, the inability of the computer to make decisions is considered a major limitation.

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Dependents on User

The main function of the computer is to receive the input given by the user, process it and display the result based on the output. Without receiving instructions from the user, the computer cannot do anything.

Because of this, the computer always remains dependent on the user. When the user gives instructions to the computer, only then the computer process it. That’s why it is also considered limitation of computer systems.

Inability to express thoughts

A computer is a machine that works only on the instructions of a human being. This shows that computers cannot express their thoughts. They just accept the instruction given by humans as input and execute that instruction from their inside program. This shows that the inability to express thoughts is one of the main limitations of computer.

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No Learning Power

A computer is a machine. What kind of programs do we humans install in the computer, the computer provides us with that type of output. The important thing to know in this is that the computer cannot acquire any new knowledge by itself.

If we ask to upgrade our computer, we install the updated version of software or hardware in it. But the computer does not have the power to learn something new on its own. The type of instructions the user gives to the computer, it learns in that way. For this reason, it is considered major limitations of computer system.

Can’t implement

Computer storage is very large and has the ability to store more data than other electronic devices. It solves complex programs very easily. However, the computer does not have the capability to implement any task on its own.

If you have Grammarly software installed on your computer, then when you open your Word file or open online typing software, if any wrong word is found in the sentence written in it, a red line appears below it. But the computer does not fix it on its own. As soon as the user hovers his mouse over the wrong word, the correct word appears and the user corrects it.

This shows that the computer cannot implement any work by itself.

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Depends on Power

Power is needed to start any machine. In that way, electric power is required to start the computer. Without it, the computer cannot start. If you use a mobile or laptop, then power is also required for that. The battery in it has to be charged. Due to this, the user can work on it.

So, the computer depends on power which is considered limitations of computer system.


What are the features of a computer?

There are many features of the computer. Some of the important features are Speed, Accuracy, Automation, Versatility, Storage, Reliability, Security, Diligence, Multitasking, Sharing, Efficiency, Remembering Power etc.

What are the 10 limitations of computers?

There are many limitations in a computer. Out of these 10 limitations are Lack of Intelligence, No thinking power, Virus threat, No Feelings, Can’t take a Decision on own, Dependence on the User, Inability to express thoughts, No Learning Power, Can’t implement, depends on power.


Along with having the features, there are also some limitations in computer system. The computer also finishes complex work very easily at the right time. But computers cannot think and act like humans. That’s why they have some limitations.

In this article, we have discussed the major limitations of computer system. Hope you all have understood about it.

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